Oncotype DX cost?

My gf had a recent early breast cancer diagnosis. She had lumpectomy, and will start radiation soon. Lymph nodes were negative. :slight_smile:

Her surgeon suggested Oncotype DX testing, so a sample of the tumor was submitted. The company that does the test, which gives a better idea on what to expect as far as recurrance, contacted her to let her know her insurance would pay for the test.

Apparently the test is costly. In fact, the letter we received said that her insurance agreed to pay and as soon as they sent a check, the test would be run. Anyone have any idea how much it costs? Thanks to a low score, it turns out she does not need chemo. Had she scored “high” she would have had chemo. If her insurer did not cover the test, she would have likely had chemo.

I’m just happy that she has kick-ass health insurance.:smiley:

If her insurance company’s like mine, she’ll get an “Explanation of Benefits” notice showing how much was charged, how much the insurer paid, how much it disallowed, and how much was left over for her to pay.

Glad to hear the result was good.

Thanks! Yep, we will eventually be getting that, just curious now. After an event like this we are getting those explanation of benefits mailings nearly daily.

According to wiki the list price is $4075.

Wow. Never thought to check wiki for something like this. I would have guessed higher from the tone of their mailings.

I used to work for a company that did similar testing, and that sounds about right to me.