ONDCP at it again... but this time I don't get it

I ripped an ad out of a magazine at the airport recently… in classic ONDCP style it reads:

I’m guessing it’s supposed to imply the use of some unnamed substance, but it almost seems like a stab at beer. I suppose this would be a blessing of sorts, as it would piss people off who until now blindly agreed with what was said.

Then I follow some links around and come across the anti drug quiz at theantidrug.com. After some rediculous questions, they say:

And yet, I look back at the ad in my hand and read “… and helped gun down 21 men, women, and children.”

Are they trying to play the schitzophrenic who thinks he can be both good cop and bad cop at the same time? Is anybody buying this blatantly fabricated and inconsistent propaganda?

Hey, that’s a cool test. Didja know you can get all the answers right if you go for the most paranoid, agenda-riddled choices?

And unintentional humor abounds.

They’re right–the Drug Fairy leaves them under your pillow…