one.6 Chardonnay

Driving to work this morning I noticed a new billboard for something called one.6 Chardonnay. It had a tagline something like, “finally great taste and low-carb in one glass.”
What the holy fuck is that all about!?? Somebody please put the break on this infernal Atkins Low-Carb out-of-control hype!

According to the USDA, wine doesn’t even have carbohydrates. They have “Carbohydrates, by difference”.

“It means there is something else that doesn’t fit into the categories listed. This is probably glyerine, which is a form of alcohol.”

So based on the alcohol content, the wine will “act like” a carb for purposes of the Atkins diet. But in any case, that amount is under 2g even for a 14% alcohol wine.

ALL WINE IS LOW-CARB so why for the love of Zymurgy does The Brown-Forman Corporation misleadingly say “finally” as if it hasn’t always been that way? This is bullshit and it’s all the fault of marketing people who are capitalizing on the gullibility of consumers who will buy anything marketed as “low-carb”. Morons.

Shh! Don’t let the secret out! They can cash in on this new fad diet and no one will be the wiser.

Why bring their target demographic into this?

And the award for “redundant sentence of the day” goes to…

Just wait until the new ads for Dasani hit the market: “Great taste and zero carbs in one glass!” :smiley:

I have, actually, seen ads for bottled water, touting them as the ultimate low-carb drink.

I think anybody who’s seriously trying to follow a diet and drinking wine is probably a few carbs short of a balanced diet, if you know what I mean.

Eh? A glass of red wine is probably gonna add less then 100 calories to a meal, and has plenty of health benefits. I don’t see any reason why wine couldn’t be part of a diet.

I still find it mildly hard to believe that Red Lobster has been advertising its lobster as low-carb.

Two reasons:

  1. If you’re drinking enough of it that the numer of carbs in it makes a difference, you’re probably in danger of getting drunk enough that you’re going to blow your diet.

  2. If you’re micro-managing your diet to the point where you say, okay, it’s got this really teeny amount of carbs, so I can have one glass, even that small amount of alcohol can have an unpredictable effect on your metabolism, so it’s still kind of a crap shoot.

It’s like Tums having the big advertising point: It’s got calcium! Yay! If you have to eat enough Tums that the amount of inert components makes a difference, you have much greater things to worry about than how much calcium you’re getting in your antacid… how about that ulcer that’s forming?

I’m pregnant; I eat 4 Tums a day on my doctors recomendation for the calcium; no ulcer in sight. I don’t quite get your point?

The ads I’m thinking of show a lot of ultra-stressed businessmen, using Tums to try and keep things under control. Don’t remember too many pregnant women in the ads.


In my local Trader Joe’s last week, where they usually have little nibblings to sample and small dixie cups to be filled with whatever sickly-sweet beverage they’re hawking that week, they were offering a taste-test of water. And it was indeed marked as No-Carb! No-Fat!

I mean, it was nice water and all; chilled, and with lemon wedges in it. And the bottle was very pretty. It was everything you’d want in a water.

My grocery store has a “low carbs” sign on the carbonated water. :smack:

… except for carbs. I want my carbs, dammit!

Was this the billboard at Hanley and Manchester? I saw that the other day and was thinking the same thing you were.

“inert components”? Tums is calcium carbonate!

Don’t eat pure calcium!

Tums’ ads are stupid though. “Oh my stomache! Gimme a chili dog.”

Uhhh…I don’t know if you were joking or not…but carbonation is not carbohydrates.

They already have. Well, not for Dasani, but I saw an ad for bottled water touting it as “The original Low-Carb beverage”.

That’s why I couldn’t believe the sign! It’s water with air, for cripes’ sake! Do they honestly need to tell people it has no carbs?

(Wait, maybe I could sell lo-carb air tanks for breathing: nitrogen and oxygen…but no carbon dioxide! :slight_smile: )

This is a nit, but I’m going to pick it anyway.

Everything on the USDA database has “carbohydrates by difference,” even things like bread. I couldn’t find info in their FAQ on exactly how the number of carbohydrates is measure, but “by difference” doesn’t mean “doesn’t have measurable carbohydrates.”

And no, not all wine is low in carbohydrates. A sweeter wine can have considerably more, as can a fortified wine. A sweet white wine has about 14 grams of carbohydrate in a 3.5 oz glass according to the USDA database. Can’t link directly since it’s framed HTML, but it’s easily searchable from here for anyone interested.

Frankly, I’ll be glad if they start putting nutritional information on wine consistently. I don’t like sweet wine, and it’s not always obvious what’s sweet and what’s dry from reading the info on the bottle.

Fuck ALL diets! The road of life is paved by genetics!

My old man rarely drank (and never to excess), didn’t smoke, was under weight, and did his Air Force exercises every day. He died at at 55.

His brother (my Uncle) was the same, died at 52.

Their youngest brother was same (except was a Marine, and worked out every day) and died at 38.

All by Polycystic Kidney Disease. No cure, little treatment, all genetic.

Eat, drink, enjoy life! For tomorrow your ancestors genes may kill you!:stuck_out_tongue: