one armed handcuffs

I was watching Prison Break the other night, and if you know the show, one of the villains has only one arm. How would a cop handcuff or restrain a one armed man? Me and Richard Kimble want to know.

In the book Executioner Pierrepoint (the biography of the British executioner) there is a photo of a restraint for a one-armed man. There seems to be a belt to which the wrist and elbow are strapped.

Handcuff one wrist to an immobile object.

Handcuff one wrist to one ankle.

Scratch that last one - I just tried and my ankle is way too big to be cuffed. I guess I was thinking the cuffs would open up wide enough (which they do) but they don’t form a large enough circle when closed to encircle an ankle.

I tried closing the spare cuff around… eh, something else, which seems like it could work. Of course that would probably put the cop at risk of molestation charges.

I haven’t watched Prison Break for a while, but didn’t handcuffing him to an immobile object cause this problem in the first place?

Cuff 'em to an officer?

If the suspect is wearing a belt you can hook one cuff to that. Some officers carry a belly chain in the cruiser that would serve the same purpose.

Another rather idle question: if the suspect is missing a hand at the wrist or something, how would one restrain the stump? (This is assuming that you’d need to. I have no idea if you can throw a punch with a well-healed stump without seriously wrecking it.)

Life must be …interesting around your house.

T-Bag could. The man is amazing.

He handcuffed himself to Michael Scofield to insure that he would be able to escape with the others. Abruzzi, another prisoner who T-Bag had tried to kill, chopped off T-Bag’s cuffed hand at the wrist as an act of revenge.

To transport prisoners when they have a cast they use leg shackles. I’m sure if a one armed prisoner is so violent they can’t leave the arm free, they will use a cuff on his wrist and attach it to the ankle cuffs.