one big rant

/me mounts soapbox

am i the only one who is pissed off by what some people call “equality”? i got turned down for a job yesterday in favor of an inept moron simply because i am white, and the company didn’t have enough black employees. needless to say, this fired me up. now i wouldn’t have been so pissed off if the guy had been as qualified or more qualified than me, but he came in there wearing nasty, torn up, dirty clothes and still got picked over me! i went in to the interviewer’s office to tell him what-for and he accused me of being racist! now if you ask me, this is racsism in it’s purest form. it may just be me, but i don’t think these so-called equal opertunity employers should exist at all! i have nothing against black people, or any people for that matter, but this is just wrong. my son is finding it hard to get into collage because all of the scholarship money is going to places like the united negro collage fund, or other such organizations that want to help “underprivilaged” children. if you notice, there are scholarships that you can get just for being black, or hispanic, or asian, but where are the white scholarships? no, you can get a scholarship based simply on your race if you’re any race but white. what ever happened to equal rights?

also: women in the military
i think that women should be allowed to be in the military, but they should have to meet the exact same requirements that a man does. they should have the same strength requirements and the should have to meet the same uniform requirements (i.e. hair length). the reason i feel this way is that one of the main arguements for women being in the armed forces is that they are just as tough as any man (BTW i agree). so if anyone wants to be in any position in any feild of work, they should all have to meet the same standards, they should not be raised or lowered for anyone.

this is going to piss some people off but i realy don’t care. this is not meant as trolling but some of you will take it that way. i am just interested in hearing your opinions on this.


How long before this moves to the BBQ pit?

You say the only reason the other guy was picked was his skin color. Yeah? If the only thing you know about him is his skin color and his appearance, how do you know he was selected for color?

If the company is using a pure quota system, then I will agree that your treatment was not fair. On the other hand, I have no idea what sort of job it is or what the qualifications required. If you were interviewing for a floor position in a store that advertises in GQ, then I’d think you had a right to be angry. If you were interviewing for a geek job that required lots of technical experience and no people skills, he may have had a better resume than you had.

I’m not telling you that you have no reason for complaints, only that you haven’t provided enough info for us to empathize.

As to your scholarship statements: they are simply wrong in fact. The UNCF and other organizations are not siphoning off scholarship funds that could be used by whites; it is not true that either any or every black student can get a scholarship simply for being black; there are at least as many scholarships available for whites–you simply have to be of Irish or Slovenian or French (or some other WHITE ethnic group) descent.

If you were truly passed over in hiring for a person hired only for their skin color, you can sue. If there is any evidence to support your claim, youhave a reasonably good chance of winning in court (whites have been beating up employers for this for over 15 years).


yes i was much more qualified than he was–we exchanged resumes (what is the plural of resume?) and no the job didn’t require much in the way of people skills (new computer testing for dell), but they are nice to have.

my son can’t get any sort of ethnic scholarship as per, because my family can only be traced back 150 years or so when they came here (the U.S.) running from the law.


eggo, you’ve provided no evidence whatsoever that this guy was hired over you because of his race. Maybe he had particular experience you didn’t even realize the company considers desirable. Maybe the interviewer found his personality more congenial. Maybe you forgot to spell-check your resume. It could be a hundred things. Calm down.