"One class one world society"

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired (support group slogan). I want my piece of the pie. I hate being aware of my envy, shame, sexual jealousy, physical and emotional pain, and my having to wait for a small piece of joy thru junk food, body work, and sexual fantasy.

There has to people out there that have a hold on this joy, and do not want people like me to have any of what what they have.

  1. If joy is not a zero-sum emotion, then I want to know why no one has told me how to tap into this joy.

  2. If joy is a zero-sum emotion, then I want these joy people to come forward and tell me who they are and why they are hoarding all the joy, knowing that people like me are suffering.

If anyone has information on number one please post a reply.

If anyone has information to number two, please post who these misanthropic, sociopathic, bastards and bitches are. Also send your list to your local FBI agency and President Bush.

Since I’m non-mystical, I’m almost positive that my problem is related to number two.

I plan on taking what information I get on this forum to the Santa Fe Institute and plug it into their computer modeling program “Sugarscape” (dividing the sugar) and wait for the cpu to give me the algorithmic printout to this Darwinian problem.

It’s time to act instead of react! Everyone deserves joy, let’s solve the problem of terrorism, poverty, and envy. World egualitarianism (economic and facial justice) is the end solution.

As I once heard a world famous psychologist state, happiness is the result of a state change from the unpleasant to the pleasant. It’s a transitional state of mind and can’t be held on to any more than we can be perpetually surprised (Wen being an obvious exception. You can’t have joy, or hold on to joy.

Contentment you can hold on to. Discontent comes from desire. Eliminate desire and you will find contentment. This means elimating the desire for joy and contentment.

My philosophy professor once said, “Don’t seek happiness out in itself. Instead, seek the things that tend to bring you happiness.”

So, don’t keep trying to be HAPPY. Instead, try and find things that you like doing. Happiness will follow.

Gaspode you are a Buddhist. I have not noticed this before. I also notice you bought the book in hardcover.

I think that joy is to a certain extent a zero sum game. A great deal of what people want is what the next guy has and more. Clearly a large majority of people cannot achieve this.

*Originally posted by gazpacho *
**Gaspode you are a Buddhist. I have not noticed this before. I also notice you bought the book in hardcover.


So far I’ve had Polycarp assume I’m a Christian, a Hindu poster (whose name eludes me) assume I was Hindu/Hare Krisna and you assume I’m Buddhist. I’m not a Buddhist. My beliefs comprise a mixture of a lot of things that make sense to me, and a lot of Buddhist teachings make sense to me, as do a lot of Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Aboriginal.

But yes I did by the book in hardcover.

My understanding of Buddhism is limited. But I believe one of the key beliefs is that desire causes suffering. So you should strive to abandon desire in order to be happy.

Originally posted by gazpacho

My understanding of Buddhism is limited. But I believe one of the key beliefs is that desire causes suffering. So you should strive to abandon desire in order to be happy.

I am desire. How do you separate the I from the desire, if they are both he same? Where is the I located, and where is the desire located? I just want to be equal, and stay equal, and everyone else to be equal, then I will not be desire, or envy, I will be joy. To get from here to there, I need my money. Who has my money? I also desire my share of beauty, who’s hoarding the beauty?

“The observer is the observed.”
—J. Krishnamurti

Hey Buddy

First of all I do not want to tone your/our situation down at all but I need to say some thing here…Take it easy. This is a messege board. Tomorrow it will continue to exist as a messege board and whilst you read it it will always be just a messege board. Look into yourself and find the “inner smile” and embrase that. Find what you like to do and love it, enjoy it etc…etc…

Watching you say “…whose hoarding the beauty…” and “whose got my money…” etc…etc…says to me you need turn your head and not think about who may be taking the beauty or who may be having more joy in their lives, you need to see that they are simply finding the joy and the beauty in ‘their’ everyday lives…its a personnal thing jesse not a whose got what kinda thing…

My advice…Unplug awhile…go to the nearest lake or pond and look at the water, and take in all the beauty. Or if that is not possible, simply look up. ^ and see a beauty in the sky. you may think this is not possible, doesn’t really matter anyway does it??? The only person it should matter to is you. Keep that in mind…

You are not desire. You are a complex set of emotions, memories, prejudices and occasionally logical thought processes. If you were just desire then you would be able to do nothing, since you would never find satisfaction in anything. Doing nothing and doing something would have the same net result: a feeling of infinite desire. Your actions would be random, meaningless and undirected. You must feel staisfcation, boredom, fear or some other emotion to counterpoint your desire in order to exist as a functioning human entitiy. Now all you have to do is work at allowing the other emotions control over desire. That’s a good enough start. We’ll work on positive and productive emotions later.

As far as I’m concerned, wherever you want it to be.

Within your consciousness. If you can locate one microgram or one nanometer of desire outside of your (or someone elses) consciousness I’ll reconsider.

Having never experienced this egalitarian situation how do you know how you will react to it? What is this assumption based on? How do you know you won’t then simply desire the power to move mountains or fly to the stars?
Since you claim to be only desire how do you know what joy feels like?

Why? Surely depriving everyone else of money will achieve the same state? Or devaluing money until it is uniformly worthless? How about simply working on the basis that money only has the value people give it, and that if you consider it valueless then to you it is valueless? Or assume that your sauce bottle lid is worth 20 billion dollars?
Or do you need everyone to accept your value of money as well?

Then please find a beautiful object (or person if you’re feeling real sadistic, grind them down and present me with one ounce of beauty. Or find me one person universally accalimed as being beutiful. If you can’t then doesn’t that tell you something about what you desire?

These people don’t have happiness that is rightfully yours. Many rich beautiful people don’t have any happiness at all. They have what they have, you have what you have. Appreciate what you have got, and for a person with the free time and good health to be posting from a PC in a nation with phone lines and eectricity that’s a bloody lot.

Originally posted by Guinastasia
Instead, seek the things that tend to bring you happiness.

So, don’t keep trying to be HAPPY. Instead, try and find things that you like doing. Happiness will follow.

The only thing that brings me happiness is the following:

  1. Junk food: I used to eat three quarts of Bryars ice cream in one night, but I have recently cut down to a half gallon.

  2. Bodywork: I do a combination of weight lifting, bioenergetics, aerobics, and ecstatic dancing (3 hrs. per day), but I have never experienced runners high.

  3. Karezza: Here lies the problem. Number one and two give me happiness, but not joy. I only experience the emotion of joy when I am practicing karezza (coitus reservatus). I am addicted to karezza and legal somnophilia. My problem is that I want the youngest (legal age) most beutiful sleepy females that I can afford (not prostitutes). I desire these females because I can see them, and know that some males have acquired them, this creates my emotions of envy and shame. If I had equal money and equal beauty to these male competitors, then I could compete with them on an equal footing. Another solution would be for all females to be equal in beauty, therefore I would not feel envy and shame unless some male competitor got two females and left me with none.

I think the best solution is for everyone to be equal in money and beauty. This will eliminate the emotions of envy and shame. This means that males will not need to conspicuously consume, and that females will not have to spend the males money trying to be more beutiful than their competitors.

With the continued progress in robotics and nanotechnology everyone could have much more leisure time to practice karezza. I can envision my personal daily schedule as being comprised of 8 hours of karezza, 8 hours of sleep, 4 hours of body work, and 4 hours of daydreaming and eating.

p.s.—I am a karezza adept, and teach karezza to sleepy females free of charge.

For further information on karezza see my website at karezza.com or roostorilla.com (both under construction)

Volunteer to spend some time at your local hospital in the pediatric ward. If you do it often enough you’ll see the “regulars” come in, the kids with debilitating diseases or disorders who manage to find a way to smile and giggle at a joke or a funny face. Who manage to not worry about their disfigurements or colostamy bags (sp?) and just BE.

At the risk of sounding uncaring I’d say get the hell over it. You are a human being, you have something wonderful about you that people like, and probably some irritating things about you that people don’t like, or you don’t like about yourself. Get over it, we all do.

Do the things you enjoy doing. Stop rationalizing so damned much and just BE.

Something I’ve always lived by: “no matter how good I have it, someone has it better. No matter how bad I have it, someone has it worse.” You want your piece of the pie? Guess what, I don’t sit around waiting to be served. I get my ass in that kitchen and bake my own.

Nuts! I have my own money, thank you!
You seem to have a very closed view on the world. What are you really looking for?
Not to be jealous? Well, trusting someone takes care of that.

Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Confidence solves that.
Money, how much is enough? That won’t make you happy. I live on just enough to pay the bills and clothe the kids. It’s more than I had when I was a kid.

You don’t like yourself. Why?

(where are the smiley’s??)