One Day Like Rain

Anyone see One Day Like Rain?

I watched about 2/3s or so of it On Netflix but it is no longer available streaming. I got up to the part where Jennifer was freaking out in a lounge or bar and someone was singing. There were some people out in the woods wondering where someone else was as well.

Is it worth finishing? I found it mildly interesting but kind of plodding and the main character Gina mostly unapealing. I assume that there’s going to be some big twist at the end because of the

(mild spoiler below, I think)

humanoid lizards walking around at one scene.

I also assume that there will be some big twist at the end involving the spoiler above.

I thought it was just trying to make an appeal to the “If they don’t understand it, they’ll think it’s deep” crowd. Worthless, imho.