One hit Blunders - New trend or typical

I’ve noticed since the middle of March that it seems like at least once a day some new poster will join the dope, resurrect a zombie thread, make a one or two sentence comment that sheds no new light on the OP, and then make no other contributions to the boards.

I initially thought that a first post doesn’t necessarily have to be a winner but it seems so strange that someone would actually be compelled to join, make a bland comment, and then have no further involvement. Maybe once in a great while this might happen but I can find at least one or two per day. I check back a few days later and that’s all there is. Join, resurrect, disappear.

I didn’t link to an example because if it is some form of new troll game (or game from another board) I don’t want to pick the “winner”.

Or maybe future spammers setting up accounts that aren’t automatically banned?

Thanks be to the Almighty Google! Almighty Google! blesses you and him always. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I suspect most of them are spammers.

This sort of behavior has been common ever since we opened up the board to Google searches, and it happened before then, too, just less frequently. No, I don’t understand why people do it, but then, I also don’t understand why someone would create an account here and then never post at all (which happens surprisingly often).

The longer the board stays in existence, the more old threads there are, so the more threads there are that someone might find in a search of the web, so the more likely it is each day that someone will find a relevant thread and resurrect it.

This is why a lot of bigger boards autolock threads that haven’t been posted in for a while.

I don’t suppose it’d be feasible to do that here? Maybe in segments so the servers don’t catch fire from trying to alter so many threads at once?

What about the “Screw you Pandora!” guy?
The guy joins this board and doesn’t make his first post until ten years later only to say “Screw you Pandora!” in the tittle of his thread and then when you click on it all he says is “Dicks!”
I’m always going to wonder about that til the end of my days.

He has a tittle and dicks?

The fun thing is to try to guess what they were searching for on Google that led them to the thread. This thread was just revived from 2006. As the OP, I’m in no position to point fingers. But what search terms would pull it up after seven years? “Three pairs of panties”? “Multiple bras”? “White cotton granny-panties and industrial strength 18-hour bras”?

Let’s just assume he was searching for information on the “Battle of Thermopylae” and got side-tracked.

In that case, I’m betting that one of WilfredFarmer’s future posts is going to involve spam. Some of these people post something apparently innocuous a few times before making spam posts. I think the reason is that some message boards don’t let you include links until you’ve made a certain number of posts.

Or at least post an automatic notice on threads after 6 months of no replies.

I spoke too soon; WilfredFarmer spammed the board in his second post. He quoted his first post, but edited the quoted text to include a hyperlink. Cleverly, though, he underlined the entire quote to hide the hyperlink.