One-hit wonder bands you saw live

I was quite the teeny-bopper concertgoer when I was a young lass in the 60s. There are some silly bands I saw perform live that had a big hit, made the cover of ‘Tiger Beat’, and faded away. Here are some of them:

Dino, Desi and Billy (I’m a Fool)
The Left Bank (Just Walk Away Renee)
? and the Mysterians (96 Tears)
The Cyrcle (sp?) (Red Rubber Ball)

How about you?

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Mighty Lemon Drops (Inside Out)

heh - you just inspired me to fire up my iPod and listen to it. Forgot how much I liked that silly song.

Harvey Danger at the 9:30 Club. It was actually a good show.

Well, we did see one that I recall for sure…

Somewhere in the early 90s, an all girl semi-metal band called Vixen had a tune that was all over MTV for a couple of months, Edge of a Broken Heart. Don’t know if it was all that much of a hit chartwise, though; as I said, the video itself was inescapable, but moreso for the band, than for the tune, I think. They were one of two opening bands, the other being the entirely forgettable White Lion. (I think. We wandered out for a couple beers and suchlike while they were onstage.)

Opened for… Ozzy Osbourne, p’raps?

[sub]Perhaps, maybe, I think… Yeah, my (relative) youth wasn’t too misspent, was it?[/sub]

I saw that group that did the song “Standing outside of a Broken Tollbooth with Some Money While My Dog Pissed on my Girlfriend’s Sister’s Shoes in the Middle of the Night.”

Or something like that. I just recall the title of the song was a mile long, and it got decent airplay for a while back in '95 or '96.

It had this stupid sample that went “I’ve been downhearted babe…ever since the day we met” over & over while the guy mumbled some lyrics.

However, the opening act, Patti Rothberg kicked ass. (I suppose she was something of a “one hit wonder” herself with the song Inside that made radio about the same time)

We got a lot of one hit wonder bands at the college I used to attend. Being a student, I got free tickets to all concerts, and I saw The Bodeans (Closer to Free), The Rembrandts (I’ll Be There For You, AKA, that song from Friends), and Jars of Clay (I forget what the song was called…Flood? Something like that). I was very drunk during all three, so I can’t remember enough to comment on whether they were any good or not.

Wasn’t “Closer to Free” also the theme for some television show?

I saw the Cyrcle too, but they really don’t count because they had a second hit “Turn Down Day.” They opened for the Beatles along with Bobby Hebb, who I think had only one hit “Sunny.”

yesterday my life was filled with rain (hums to myself)

I saw the Violent Femmes close for They Might Be Giants about 2 years ago…and they DIDN’T do Blister in the Sun.

I thought that it was incredibly sad that when Violent Femmes were on Conan O’Brien a couple months ago, they did their one hit instead of something written in the last 5 years.

Party of Five.

I saw The Knack (My Sharona) and liked it.


Primative Radio Gods - “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand”. Good song though I never heard anything else by them and I can not imagine that it would have been that exciting to see live.

Too many to list myself since I always try to see the bands du jour when they come to town.

This’ll date me, but back in college I saw a couple of concerts in Dayton Ohio that had one hit wonder opening acts:

Five Man Electrical Band - Signs
Dr. Hook & His Travelling Medicine Show - The Cover of the Rolling Stone

I am going to Daytona Beach at waaaay too advanced an age for Spring Break this year because 1) we never did anything sleazy like this when we were undergrads, and 2) Sir Mix-a-lot is playing a concert.

We said “Heh, heh, let’s go to Daytona, wouldn’t that be nasty?” and looked at the official site. And he’s playing when we’re going to be there, so the deal is sealed, man. I intend to try to get a t-shirt that says “Sir Mix-a-lot” and “2003”. :slight_smile:

The Spin Doctors were one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen, but they had a reputation as such long before they had those hits from Pocket Full of Kryptonite.

I saw them too! It was probably more like the late eighties when I saw them though, because I wasn’t even in junior high yet. They were opening for Eddie Money back then.

They weren’t. Most boring concert I ever attended. (Except for Patti Rothberg)

Never saw them perform, but I knew one of them.

Just a few weeks ago, I saw Elvin Bishop live. He had one hit – “Fooled Around and Fell In Love,” but has had a long, successful career as a blues musician.

I’ve seen Orleans (“Still the One”) live.