One inch punch..

can i see a vdeo anywhere (online) of bruce lee performing the one inch punch?

I’m searching now. There’s a still photo here:

It’s hard to describe. It was never something I’ve put into my arsenal as anything more than a novelty shot, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to accurately describe it. It’s very much about body dynamics and maintaining a centreline shot.

I’ll keep searching. Your best bet is to go down to a Wing Chun school, or a Jeet Kune Do school, and ask them to demonstrate it for you. If you don’t have either of those arts available, try to the schools you do have. I first learned it from a Ninjitsu instructor.

Here and look here for other pages. (I tried the first one and it works).

Here’s a fairly straightforward description of how to do it, with some fuzzy still shots from Bruce’s Long Beach demonstration. You can really see the distance he gets on the guy.

well… damn. I wanted to find the video first.

MUHAHAHAHAHA!! For once I find something first!
Too bad I can’t get the Brisk Ice Tea video to work… that was my favorite in that series of commercials.

A one-inch punch is simply a demonstration of the conservation of momentum. What you are doing is using the power in all the muscles of your body to start your body rotating. Then at the moment of impact you tense your arm and shoulder, and make your opponent’s body absorb all the force from stopping the rotation of your body, all concentrated in a 1" area.

You don’t even need that inch. I’ve seen a big man get his ribs broken by someone using this technique while leaving his palm flat on the guy’s chest.

In Okinawan Karate, we focus on rotating the hips through lots of techniques, which adds power to all the punches.


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I know the question has been answered, and this is going to be a hijack, but I just wanted to add my 2¢.

The two most spectacular KO’s in boxing history were both very short punches, about six inches actual travel distance: Rocky Marciano’s KO over Jersey Joe Walcott (the first fight), and Sugar Ray Robinson’s KO over Billy Fulmer (made even more interesting because at the time Sugar Ray was basically moving backward.)