One little sentence

I wrote a sentence in a Wikipedia article about 3 years ago. There was recently a 3-day, heated argument about this sentence. It was resolved by an uninvolved editor changing the word “during”, to “in”.

Truly one of the most mundane things ever posted in this forum.

golf clap


Quick, Jeeves, let’s get him to the fainting couch!

But he picked the correct forum. The OP is indeed mundane and pointless, and obviously he felt that he wanted to share it.

But I would have liked to know what the sentence was. Just out of curiosity.

We don’t talk about it. It is the-sentence-that-must-not-be-written.

“I was conceived during the launch of the Apollo 11 mission.”

Did you participate in the argument or just watch from the sidelines?

Only to offer a bit of insight as to my original intent. However, this was only at the beginning when it was a non-accusatory question about whether it was properly sourced. Since then, someone else argued passionately that my sentence was beautifully structured to show the subtleties between three near synonyms. Some else argued equally passionately that the source did not reflect this. Someone else then flipped over the table and used the word “in”, which was apparently used in the source, and everybody walked away embarrassed. I didn’t even notice what had changed until someone posted a before and after link.

I was a bit confused, though flattered, that someone thought my sentence was so worthy of defense…