One million without power in Ohio?

I’m seeing reports of huge power outages - this article says one million people without power tonight as a result of Ike’s remnants.

Also, Chicago reported a record rainfall.

That was one bad storm! Hope all you Dopers in the path of the storm are O.K.

It was breezy here today, but nothing special. A friend in Oklahoma (over by Tahlequah) says she lost two big trees in a windstorm last night.

The Houston/Galveston coverage I think is overshadowing some of the Midwest news, but yes, we’ve had problems

9 inches of rain in my city the last few days, flooding, roads closed, businesses closed. Yesterday my husband asked how much food we had. I said aside from being almost out of milk we had at least a week, maybe two. He said good, because with all the roads closing getting out to the store would have been a PITA.

Today - I don’t think we can get to our usual store.

We’ve had spotty powerfailures around here (though not my house) so I can believe there are problems in Ohio, too.

Yes. I was without power for about 4 hours today. The winds here today were crazy, probably the strongest I’ve ever seen around here.

I’ve had friends and relatives calling Austin to see if I’m all right.

They’re almost disappointed when I tell them we didn’t even get a mild rainstorm (which we really could have used) or more than a few 15 mile an hour gusts of wind.

Most of us state workers home early on Friday afternoon, but there was really no need, as it turned out. Absolutely nothing happened in Austin.

Still, better safe than sorry.

We had some crazy-strong winds in Columbus. There were a few power surges – enough to kick off the TV, but not to reset clocks – and we lost power for about 5 minutes.

Here in Cleveland we had the lights dim a few times during a really impressive wind storm. It rained a little but mostly it was the wind. The power never actually went out where we are.

It must have tapered off quite a bit by the time it hit Toronto, though: Rainfall lighter than predicted from Hurricane Ike. We’ve had some gusty winds and rain, but nothing unusual. It was very warm today, and it’s cooled down very pleasantly.

The lights didn’t even flicker here, but my brother (three miles away) and my daughter (5 miles away) lost power. My city didn’t even make the Current Power Outage Map until after the storm had past, and now is says 2-5000 without power.
It was some pretty impressive wind, very little rain, and the neighbor’s stupid plastic sheeting fence has unfortunately survived. I know I’ve got a few good-sized branches down from my oaks, but nothing really major.

Something like 90% of the Duke Power customers in Cincinnati were without power last night and I don’t think it’s gotten much better. As it stands Downtown has power and a few other residential areas. It will take up to 7 days to get power fully restored. The news reports that thousands of homes are damaged due to high winds and falling trees.

Funny thing is that there was no advanced warning of this. It wasn’t discussed on TV or the radio. There were no high wind advisories posted (except on WeatherUndergroud). They’ll try to scare the crap out of you over a inch snow fall but completely overlook the biggest windstorm to hit this area in over 100 years.

My power went out at 2pm yesterday and was restored at 4am. The back-up generators are on at work (5 miles away) but we don’t have access to the LAN there, so we’re all basically dead ducks, which explains why I’m at home cruising the internet. Most of the city is still out. Apparently Duke sent a lot of its workers to Texas to deal with the hurricane, so it’s complicating our recovery.

80mph winds were recorded. Lots of trees down and sheds imploded. Pretty cool stuff if you were sitting safe on your neighbors’ front porch, drinking a beer, and watching crap blow by. Not so cool if you were on the highway trying to get home with no traffic lights.

Our power flickered but didn’t go out. We had huge winds, though; our neighbors lost a big tree. Most schools are closed. As I drove to work, many traffic lights were out. I work at a huge hospital so of course we have mega backup generators, but I understand that a lot of residential customers will be without power for days, and I heard on the radio that our local utilities sent a lot of their repair personnel down south to help with hurricane recovery, so they are stretched thin to cover their own customers.

We had 70 mph gusts in here Dayton, for 4 hours. My power went out around 3 pm yesterday, and hasn’t been back since. Good thing we hadn’t made it to the grocery store yet, or I’d be tossing a week’s worth of food from the fridge.

I had no damage to my property other than a couple large tree limbs down. I was lucky, because a walking tour of my neighborhood revealed that about 1 out of every 3 houses was missing siding or shingles. I, on the other hand, even managed to not lose my grill cover…though I did have to chase it across a couple yards. :slight_smile:

I live in Columbus, and the power went out in the late afternoon at about the same time as most of one my trees blew down. I left for work about 6 this morning with the power off, and I think it’s still off as I can’t get through to my wife on the phone. Fortunately, the power’s on where I work in Dublin (about 4 miles from home). On my drive to work, for the first 3 miles everything was out, including traffic lights.

Like PunditLisa, my boyfriend’s sister reported that power was out for hours in the Cincinnati burbs.

Here in NE Illinois, we had a few hours of torrential rain and strong wind. They happened to coincide precisely with the few hours I was driving out to a secluded quarry lake and doing my SCUBA certification dives. It was a hoot. At least it doesn’t rain under water.

I’m between Cleveland and Akron. My power just flickered but my friends down the street lost power for about 6 hours.

We did have some hella crazy wind. All the apples on my apple trees are down :slight_smile: I also lost my storm door - ripped right out of the wooden frame, which needs to be replaced now. Not cool.

Lots and lots of limbs down in my dad’s yard. It’ll take him a bit to get that cleaned up.

There wasn’t much rain. It looked worse at the Browns game downtown than it was here.

Not much rain here in akro-land, just lots of wind. Power still out for many, my poor parents among them. In their suburban area, they have wells for water and don’t have gas, so their options for comfort and cleanliness are pretty nil.

Many strange things blown about - my fences look okay, but my maypole went down. Lots of signs blown away in my neighborhood, and many trees down.

Power is most definitely out 'round these parts. Current estimates are ~300k customers without power in the Columbus area, and they’re saying it could be up to 7 days before power is restored. My home, in Dublin, is without power. My office (about 5 miles away) is up and running as normal. Of course.

ETA: Current map of AEP Ohio’s outages:

I’m still one of the estimated 47,000 in Pittsburgh with no juice (19hrs and counting). A coworker outside of Cleveland says his is still off, too. And he’s got a well, so no water either. I feel like a big whiner considering there’s people who won’t have power for weeks, and/or whose homes are under water. But I’m still ticked off about all the groceries becoming bacteria motels in my fridge right now.
And the kids think we’re keeping them from television just to be mean. :slight_smile:

According to Duke Energy, over 1 million customers in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana area lost power at one point or another, and about 600,000 are currently out of power. My place [inside the city limits of Cincy (Mt. Lookout neighborhood)] still appears to be without power. I just called, and the answering machine didn’t pick up. Other areas in the city (like the Clifton neighborhood where I work) do have power.

OK, so last night my wife and I played board games by candlelight. It was kind of fun and romantic for an evening. But, I’m getting kind of sick of it now. I really don’t want be without power when I go home.