All you NY, OH, PA, Canadian etc dopers okay?

This isn’t exactly pointless, but I wasn’t sure where to put it… Just wanted to check in on all the blacked-out dopers. Everybody safe and well?

got power back here around 1:30 am. Premier Ernie Eves asked Ontarians to NOT go into work today. Essential services only. State of emergency and all that. My computer came on, nothing else in my house worked and there were no street lights . It was weird. The rest came onat about 2 am.

Anyway, I’m ok. I wish drivers were not idiots and remembered no lights = 4 way stop. I also wish that gas will remain under $1.00/litre. ($3.50USD/US Gallon)

Glad to hear everything is okay with you. Here’s a odd “fun fact”-

Every city I’ve ever lived in, except the current one, is or has been without power. That has been strange to watch on tv. Not great for our phone bill, either! :smiley:

Everything’s fine here. I was walking around the city all of yesterday, and I can report that people seem unfazed. Many people are partying while the cops have their backs turned. Lot of public weed smoking.

As for me, I hitched a ride back into Brooklyn and now I have my laptop to keep me amused. Not bad.

A few of us had planned to go to Toledo to buy a new Tivo since our old one quit on us when we heard about the power outages. Decided it’d be safer to stay put here with power then risk going up north and getting in a car accident.

My aunt was trapped without power at our summer cottage in Ontario, but my mom got through to her last night and she said everyone there was fine.

Here in York PA we had no problems.

No TV and no air conditiioning make Annie something…something

Go crazy?


Maybe this is the best place for me to link to this touching image.

Here in Rochester we were all fine. Didn’t have AC to begin with, so the heat wasn’t a big deal, I left the house immiediately after it went off and came back about a half hour later (left before I realized how widespread it was) and only had one stop light out on me and people were very courteous and careful. Every freaking radio station was reminding people over and over again, “Treat a non-working stop light like a 4-way stop sign!” so most people got the drift. Power came on I’m guessing at about 2:30 am, judging from difference between my blinking alarm clock and my watch. :slight_smile:

Power just came on here 10:30 local time. I’ve been without power since 4:15 yesterday afternoon. One good thing though. It was the first time in years That I could go outside and see the night sky without light pollution, my wife just saw her first sattellite and shooting star. Mars was out too.

Everything was peacful and quite (except the occasional emegency vehical) and everyone took it in stride, someone even had extra fireworks they set off for us. Looking out into the neighbourhood was weird the only lights in the windows were candle and flashlights. Gave the whole city a rustic look.

We are expecting rolling blackouts until power is fully restored so I’m not sure how long I have it. I’m cooking some of our food ( I never realized I’d miss hot food, no BBQ in the apartment) so it doesn’t spoil… Damned freezer is full and some of it was beginging to thaw… most of the fridge contenets will also have to be thrown out… what a waste.

You really learn quickly how much you depend on electricity these days when it is taken away for 12 or more hours… no hot water and in some places no water at all.

Just called my parents in Cleveland. Parts of the city are coming back up but their neighborhood is still down. They are hoping to be up this afternoon though. She said she was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t wake up to stories of looting and vanadalism.

Philadelphia didn’t skip a beat, but our cable company that delivers us internet access is stationed in New York and is having problems. Sucks to have no internet at home, just gotta waste more time on it at work then… woohoo!

I just might join Annie-Xmas in going crazy.

I’m barricaded in my room, with my window AC on and my computer. All other powered devices are off and these canned soups are sure looking good…hmm…

We have had power for almost 8 hours now but we’re getting reports to be ready for “rolling power blackouts”. Oh yay.

I also only have 1/4 tank of gas and 6 gas stations within 10 kms and only 1 is working (the police have closed the road though due to traffic).

Lovely day. Oh well, I’m getting paid for not going to work today. And today is pay day…yes! I have money! Woohoo!

I understand what you all went through! I was without power for 9 days last February when we had a massive terrible ice storm. I know everyone is thankful that this outage didn’t happen when people could conceivably freeze to death. It was a real hardship here, with the cold!

i was on the subway in new york when the power went out…i posted the whole story in another thread. but yeah, everythings good here, power got back a little before 9 last night.

some of my friends still dont have power yet, though.

I’ve had power (though no hot water) since 8 pm friday night. We’re expecting rolling blackouts later tonight which should make working in a grocery store fun.

I went to a significant amount of trouble to get to work today, and now they’re telling us to go home.

Oh, wait… that’s a good thing.

I’m a little worried - I saw a news photo today of New Yorkers sleeping overnight on the steps of the post office because they could not get home yesterday. Have Ukulele Ike or Eve checked in anywhere today?

Reporting from Brooklyn here, no power back yet in my house.

Other then speed walking over a swaying Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, all is fine.

Hopefully the juice will go back on, if not it looks like it will be a second night of sitting around with my bat.