Breaking news! Blackouts strike NE US/SE Canada!

I’m watching the live news coverage on this…

Why is it happening? Seems like they just don’t know right now.

Power in the Hartford,CT area was out for only 10 minutes or so. Anyone else?

And Ivylass beat me by 10 minutes…

So now, maybe a fire at a Con-Edison (?) plant could have messed up power everyone.

everyone = for everyone


CBS was just showing footage of thousands of people walking home in Manhattan. AP reports:

From the boston globe: (

BREAKING NEWS: A major power outage has hit much of New York City as well as parts of Long Island, Connecticut and the cities of Albany, Cleveland, Toledo, and Detroit, and Toronto and Ottawa in Canada. In Manhattan, thousands of people are trapped in elevators and on subway trains; CNN is reporting that there is some panic and fear among the thousands of people who are pouring out of office buildings onto the street. Power is also out at LaGuardia and JFK airports. CNN is also reporting that the Con Edison power plant in NYC is on fire.

And that’s why I listen to talk radio at work :wink:

There are large portions of the city of Toledo out right now. I’m at work just south of city and the power here went out for only a couple minutes.

Lots of cell phone troubles, too. I suspect that’s caused mostly by demand, though.

Woo! I wonder if our NY dopers are okay. Eve, Ukulele Ike?

They’re probably stuck in elevators :eek:

Mayor Bloomberg just came on CNN and said everyting is okay and we should all walk - not run - to the nearest exit.

Apparently the Niagra grid overloaded forcing ConEd to shut down. I am SO glad I’m off tomorrow. Our network monitoring system must be going nutso-cuckoo right now.

Turns out it was really just two minutes. Your thread must have went through while I was previewing.

Whew! My first thought was “terrorism”.

I guess it’s a little early to 100% rule that out, though.

The US Gov’t is saying it wasn’t terrorism.

Although, do we know the cause of the fire yet?

My main question is: How’d it spread so quickly?

Manhattan, Albany, Toledo, Detroit, virtually the entire province of Ontario, etc.

Cleveland is down too. Thousands are stranded in the subways, and Bloomberg says power won’t be back on until late tonight.

News keeps saying Kalamazoo is without power, but I (obviously) have power. It just blipped long enough to reset the microwave. My parents (NE of Detroit) are on the generator now, though.

Could this be related to the worm?

Weird, we lost power at work, for good, but here at home in CT, 15 miles away, no problems. DSL was down for a while, but that’s back too.

Got the A/C cranked too. :slight_smile: