One more . . .about post-death twitching. [Edited title]

. . . actually I’m certain there will be several more. (I am working on a novel.)

Post death twitching . . . what’s that all about man ?

The nerves firing randomly, simulating the muscles without any sort of coordination.

Honest question? :confused:

There is normally a different amount of sodium, potassium, chloride, and calcium ions inside cells versus outside. One of the things that happens post mortem, is that these ions equilibrate as the cell membrane’s pumps stop working (a crude oversimplification).

Also, death is a dynamic process. An organism’s death is preceded by individual cells dying. Different cells die at different rates, so some tissues/organs remain “alive” longer than others.

So what’s our cut of the royalties from the novel?


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This is exactly the way to look at it.
Dead is dead and there is no twitching, except in movies.
However the brain might be dead while the muscle is still protesting “But I’m not dead yet!..”
Of course, were the brain still alive it would quite properly retort “But you soon will be…”