One more day before Bloom County: The Complete Library

I’ve been waiting for the release of this collection to post here. Unlike other Bloom County books this will be a set of 5 books having all the cartoons and not skipping days.

The first books release on 10/06/2009. This would have been better released 15 years ago, but at least he finally made a complete collection.
:slight_smile: Bloom County: The Complete Library :cool:

Now I finally know what I want for Christmas.

I was hoping for something along the Farside or Calvin & Hobbes editions, but I’ll still buy it.

“Oh look, they’re burning the Porta Potties.”


Today is the day people. I have to go catch my Banana Jr. it’s running amuck.

I had no idea this was even in the works. This is cool stuff.

A complete Bloom County collection, a recently discovered print of Metropolis being restored, and The Rockford Files five nights a week.

Life is good.

Are you laying in Milo’s Meadow blowing apart dandelion seeds?