One more "eating stuff you don't like" thread. This time with a poll.

So, it’s been established on this board, sometimes we have to eat thing we don’t like to avoid being rude to a gracious host.

Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, I’m currious as to how many people can do this.

As far as the poll is concerned, let’s assume the food being served to you is “mainstream” (I’ll leave it up to you to decide what mainstream is). We can also assume the food has been prepared appropriately.
So, can you eat such food with out your gag reflexes kicking in?

I don’t like eating polls either. I’d have to think my gag reflex would kick in.

There are very few things that would trigger my gag reflex. There are a few foods I really don’t like*, and a few more I would prefer not to eat. But if I have to, I can fake enjoying just about anything.

    • organ meats, mainly.

I can* if the problem is with the flavor, but I can’t choke down certain textures, like fatty meat or something slimy like okra.

*Which doesn’t mean that I will, unless there’s no way around it.

I probably have more food dislikes than most people (and unusual ones at that). However, most of the time, in a social setting, I can eat what I’m served it I have to. Exceptions are olives and ketchup.

Yep, that’s how I am. There are many flavors I’m not crazy about, but they’ll go down just fine. The textures that trigger my gag reflex are a different story. If I do try to choke down a texture that gets to me, everyone at the table is going to regret it.

I’m one of those people who never eats anything that I don’t want to and has no problems dealing with the social implications.

That said, I can’t think of anything that I couldn’t eat, or that would cause me to gag. I think the worst for me would be something that smelled horrific, but I could probably still hold my nose and choke it down.

I have never had problems eating whatever I am served, and I am not really a fussy eater at all. I voted mostly yes due to the idea that there could be something out there I have not been faced with that I could not choke down

I’m pretty sure I could not only eat, but actually enjoy anything “mainstream” including oddities like bull testicles, calf brains, etc.

I cannot eat shellfish. Once a co-worker assured me that her couscous salad had no meat in it. I took one bite and spit it out. “There’s fish in here” I announced. Her response was “Oh, you can’t taste that little bit of crab meat.”

I’m pretty much in the same category. Even when I’m served something I would say I don’t like, there are still enjoyable aspects about eating it. I might not be up for a second serving, but a few bites? Sure, why not?

Probably the worst thing on my list: overcooked vegetables, especially green beans and cabbage. God, that’s nasty. My host would never know, though. It’s not that bad.

I am one of those people who cannot understand why the fuck anyone would voluntarily eat green bell peppers. They taste vile to me. I have no problem with chiles or red bell peppers, and I once managed to choke down a chicken teriyaki dish that was two thirds green peppers because that was all there was to eat, but geez those things are nasty.

I can eat anything, and enjoy mostly anything.

I MAY have a hard time with stinky tofu, based upon smell only.

Given that I’ve eaten rats and various kinds of bugs there’s few things I can’t get down, and really nothing that would be considered “normal.”

The worst think I ever had to eat out of courtesy was when a Maori leader visited the island reserve I was working on in New Zealand (he was on the management board since his tribe had once owned the island) and decided to boil up some rock snails from the shore for a traditional “treat.” They tasted like a mixture of clams, shoe leather, and boogers. But I choked some down. I told him they tasted “interesting.”:slight_smile:

I’ve eaten - and enjoyed - things like snails, grasshoppers, caterpillars, bees, etc. But offer me something spicy enough to close up my throat and make me cry, and I’ll politely decline.

My health nut boss was into juicing at one point, and tried making quick bread out of the left over pulp (grossgrossgross.) THe pulp in this case was carrot, apple, kiwi, meaning little crunchy kiwi seeds ground up in it (grossgrossgross) and so they crunched as you chewed it (grossgrossgross). My comment: “It’s very moist.”

She went away happy and gave me a chance to wrap up the rest of my slice in a napkin and hide it at the bottom of my wastebasket.

It is my firm belief that most “traditional” treats prepared for others are a giant joke designed to see what they can get the FNG to eat out of politeness. Rock snails, sheep eyes, ketchup on hot dogs…all just elaborate pranks.

I think it’s more likely that it originated out of having nothing else to eat:
“Mom, those are snails. Ew!”
“Shush, kids, these are a special treat. We don’t eat snails every day now, do we?”

Now the kids have their own kids and they’re thinking “Didn’t Mom give us snails as a special treat? We should keep up the tradition.”

Luckily there are only three foods I don’t like: coconut, coffee, and beer. They’re easily avoided.

Mainly nope, but if it’s just I don’t like it because it’s been prepared badly (like my grandma’s cooking) I can choke it down. If it’s actually something I flat out don’t like no matter if it’s prepared by the greatest cook in the world, it’s not going in my mouth (shudder mushrooms).