One more semester to go...

I only have one more semester left before I graduate college. I think I am going to finish college with a bang. Up until now, I haven’t really been involved in, well, much of anything in college. I drive there, take my classes, drive to work, go home, study, go to sleep.

I’ve been an depressingly lazy student and often I can’t really motivate myself to do more than the bare minimum. Because of this, my grades haven’t exactly been stellar- B’s and C’s. Ironically, I am a very hard worker at my jobs. I am very dilligent about coming in on time, covering for other people, just generally taking the extra mile. This has been rather confusing for me: Why do I enjoy work so much more than school? I guess a part of it is that with school there is so much I have to be obligated to do during my free time. When I am at work, I am confident that when I get back, I’m done for the day. But with school, I am always aware that I have to do such-and-such by this date, but all my free time I am too exhausted/unmotivated to really work on it.

School is almost over, and one thing I worry is that I will look back on it and see only five years of drudgery. That there will be a big ugly blank spot on my resume under ‘extracurricular activities’. One of my part-time jobs is hiring managers. They require a BA degree. I really enjoy the nature of the job (tutoring center) and right now I’m planning to apply there when I graduate. I’ll have 2 and a half years experience working there, as well as knowing the recruiter personally. I know there’s no guarantee I’ll get the job, but I feel very confident I could get it.

Just the same, I’d like to show them something I’ve done outside of school beyond dilligently functioning as one of their worker bees. So next semester, I think I will join some extracurricular activities. Though would it be worth it if subconciously I’m only really motivated to do it so I have some stuff to pad my resume with? I just feel like I ought to do…something. If the recruiter were to ask me what my accomplishments were, what could I tell her right now? I don’t have stellar grades/standardized test scores, I didn’t go to a fancy school, wasn’t part of any organization…

…to clarify, the part-time job in question is a tutoring coach. I don’t hire managers for a living!

Anyway, I’m eyeing up the position of bossman at the tutoring center. It would be a full-time job, and a nice extension of what I am already doing there.