One of My Birds Died Tonight

Sydney the Christmas Cockatiel died tonight as I was taking him to the emergency vet. OF COURSE it was a chilly, damp, rain-filled night because this never happens in nice weather, right? Not sure what got him in the end, I I know is that he was very sick when I got home from work today.

He was at least 19 years old, which I’m told is a good run for a cockatiel. It doesn’t matter. No matter how long the life of a loved one, it’s never enough years.

I’m so sorry. Ours were Buddy and Sebastian, and they were wonderful birds.

May your grief be mercifully brief, but may your memories of Sydney be sweet and everlasting.

So sorry. I hope the memories and stories bring comfort.

My condolences to you Broomstick. Even when we expect it, it’s hard.

I’m so sorry, Broomstick. Sending comfort your way.

Sorry to hear that.

My deepest sympathies. I think pets are one of life’s great joys, and they form deep bonds with their humans. I’m sure your bird was very loved, and I’m sure he knew it and felt it, and loved you too.

I am so sorry.

They do fly into your heart, don’t they.

I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry about loss.

Aw, Broomstick! I’m sorry to hear that Sydney didn’t make it.

So sorry to hear this. He sounds like a wonderful bird.

I’m so sorry, Broomstick. 19 years of his companionship must have been a real blessing, and losing him must be tough.

I am so sorry. Pets always take a piece of your heart when they go. I hope it won’t be long before you can remember Sydney with more smiles than tears.

When you can tell us about him, I for one would enjoy hearing about his past antics and special moments.

That’s sad news, sorry for your loss. I’ve never had a bird but they sound like great fun with lots of personality.

Sorry to hear this Broomstick. It’s always sad to lose a beloved pet.