One of My Boobs is Bigger Than the Other!

Not really a life threatening problem but it’s beginning to bug me.

Before I got preggers both my lovely ladies fitted into a C cup. Now however one has grown to giant, monstrous proportions and requires a D cup :eek:. The other has remained a C cup :(.

Thus far I have been unable to find a bra with two different cup sizes. To add insult to injury both have started leaking milk (I’m only 32 weeks pregnant for crying out loud - can’t this wait until closer to the due date).

So I have uneven, leaking boobs. What can I do to fix this situation? Can I make one bigger (leechboy will happily volunteer for boobie massage :wink: ) or do I make one smaller?

Help the mildly distraught pregnant lady please.

I take it laughing at you won’t help? Sorry, then. WAAHH HAHAHAHAHAHAH HA HA HA HA HAHA HA.

Ha. Hee hee hee. Awww.

j_kat_251 You meanie!

I’m going to cry :frowning:

stoopid pregnant hormones.

You could buy some of the nursing pads that go in a nursing bra and put one in the D cup side and two in the C cup side. That should even things up and help with the leakage problem.

I’m having the same problem–I’m still in my first trimester, but my boobs have already gotten ginormous, and the right is significantly larger than the left. The new 40C bras I bought fit nicely on the right side and are too large on the left. sigh

Is there anyone else out there right now singing “One of these boobs is different than the other…one of these boobs is just not the same!”?


I can help you, but I need to see photographs. Honest :smiley:

[sub]OK, not really, but it was worth a shot.[/sub]

I can’t blame pregnancy whatsoever. I’m just lopsided.

My solution: sports bra.

Can’t help ya with your lactating situation, but a sports bra adjusts to both cup sizes for me.

my room mate has a boob thats a b and a boob thats a c, thats just how she is- hope you find a good solution- My roomates last solution was a shoulderpad- thats just not cool

It’s apparently semi-common for boobs to be different sizes on the same chest. Personally, I have one that’s almost a full cup size larger than the other. At the moment, one is a DD and one is not quite a DDD.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 36 DD, let alone a 36 DDD?

Ok, I’ll try a serious answer now. This might be silly (what do I know about these things, I’m a guy), but couldn’t you make a bra with the right cup sizes out of two that are the right sizes for the respective boobies? Just an idea…I’ll go crawl back into the corner now…

Well it is a relief to know I’m not the only one with this problem.

I shall purchase some of these nursing pad things and see if they do the trick with evening up the size.

Was rather disconcerting to wake up this morning and find myself leaking milk and the cat sitting beside me looking like I’m the next big thing in automatic feeders.

You know, I used to work with a woman that was a B on one side, and a DD on the other. And she wasn’t pregnant.

She had a sexual partner that thought she had ONE of her breasts enlarged. Like she was saving up for the other one?!?

Anyhoo - I’m sure once baby comes along and you’re nursing things will sort themselves out. :slight_smile:

ohhhhh not necessarily!

I always had one which was slightly larger than the other. The discrepancy got larger with pregnancies one, two and three.

But wait! It got worse. P the Younger took a dislike to the smaller breast and would only feed off the larger breast. 3 1/2 years of feeding on one side and not feeding on the other has left the girls in an interesting condition. Suppose I could have pumped and tried to keep things in proportion but I’m too lazy and non-vain.

Another me too post. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m about a B and a half on one side, and a very full C on the other. It’s freaky-looking and I hate it. It makes me very, very self-conscious.

Mental note to self - feed baby from smaller breast to enlarge it.

Hey do you think that if I got leechboy to work on the smaller one now it would even it up? (massage not breastfeeding him, although thats an interesting idea…but no - teeth = bad idea, okay scrap that.)

Leapfrog, that song started in my head before I opened the thread. In fact, I had to open it just to see if someone else had mentioned it yet. :slight_smile:
Then I looked back at the original poster’s name and thought “la leche babe.”

just to let you know that you are not alone, i, too, have uneven breasts, which were even more so during pregnancy…they weren’t a whole cup size like yours, but it was noticable to me and my SO…but, to make it worse, i had to try to find a 34 DD bra by the time i was near the end of my pregnancy…:eek: pretty much impossible…in fact, my mom ended up making adjustmunts to my bras…anyhoo…you may want to begin expressing milk from the larger breast…this just might help even things out a bit…good luck, and congratulations to you on the new life you will soon bring forth:)

Sad as it is to say, leechbabe, your abnormality is perfectly normal. And nursing the leechbabebabe on the smaller side ain’t gonna help. it’s likely that you will sort of even out as your pregnancy progresses, but it’s also possible that afterward, you will look like me - a B on one side and a B and a half on the other.

I don’t miss being preggers, and I don’t miss nursing (well, not anymore anyway, as the nursee is a teenager) but manoman, do I miss those lovely Ds!

Mine are not noticeably different sizes, but one does “look” straight out while the other one “looks” down.