One of my dogs likes watermelon

Elly, my dear, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Melon ballers? I am now officially both afraid and somewhat intrigued.

Well, I’ve always been partial to a nice juicy salisbury steak; that is, when master lets me out…

Ruprect, back in your cage!

… whoops, gotta go!

Yea… riiiiight… All that beer spilled on the carpet is the dog’s fault… Good scam. :smiley:

Our dog Buddy liked pickles and carrots along with pretty much anything the “other people” ate. He would beg anytime anyone had food out, of course. On a few occasions, he didn’t seem to like the textures of a food (marshmellows and grapes for example). When he spit them out, the inevitable phrase “You eat that!” followed, and dutifully he’d try again. More often than not he’d obey.

Then there were foods, the most notorious being buttered noodles, that he would gladly eat, only to regurgitate it half an hour later.

Kelsey the silky terrier (silly terror) loves his tuna fish! He also eats cheese, peanut butter, and carrots. My dad lets him lick the stick when he’s done with a popsicle. Kel has been known to devour partially decomposed bunnies. It also seems that he so very badly wants anything anyone might be eating. The poor dog will have you thinking that we don’t feed him enough.

One of my dogs absolutely loves raw bell pepper and carrots. He also likes celery or 'most any other raw vegetable if it has peanut butter or cream cheese on it, and he eats watermelon and split grapes. However, he’s really finicky about other more normal foods. He won’t even eat chicken or pork unless it has a sauce, and he won’t eat some types of cheese. Go figure.

My father swears that his grandmother had a chihuahua that only ate salad, but I don’t particularly believe him.

Bandit the cat loves the carrots I pick out of potpies. I’ll gladly give them to her, I hate the dang things.

My lab/malamute Bear loves brocolli, green beans, and saurkraut (sp?). I’m sure he’d eat watermelon if it was ever offered. When he used to live in the house before we had real children, he used to sit at the refrigerator doing this little quiet bark that kind of sounded like “ice” and it was indeed ice that he was begging for. (He also calls me “mama”.)

My Australian Shepard will eat almost anything. The only foods that he refuses to eat are onions and lemons. His favorites are apples and pears. When I’m eating one, he comes over and begs until he gets a slice. He can hear the sound of an apple being sliced from anywhere in the house.

Please people, no onions or anything related to an onion for your pets. They are toxic to animals.
Emergency/Critical Care Veterinary Technician

Van Damm, our little black cat with the fluffy tail, ate some carrots, and a bit of potato, that I had cooked with a potroast.

Julia, my grey and white cat, likes sauteed mushrooms, and lasagna.

Katie ,scottish terrier, will eat whatever i hand to her, she seems to like bites of fried egg sandwich.

Absolutely…I was going to revisit this thread to point that out. Though a little garlic is fine…many dogs find it extremely palatable. Of course a teacup poodle is going to have a lower tolerance than an English Mastiff, duh. :slight_smile:

My ex-dog loved salsa. She’d leave the chips and just eat the salsa. Till tears ran down her doggy cheeks and her nose would run in buckets.

I thought it was just her.

My new, improved, rediculously small dog also loves salsa. Go figure.

Yeah, I’d heard about the onions being toxic - I’ve had to fight one of my dogs, who used to steal onions from their home under the sink…

Odieman - my dogs are all weird. They can detect bombs and landmines, and pinpoint people from 200 meters… so long as they don’t start searching and rescuing watermelons, we’re ok.

Biiig tooooough working dogs, smacking their lips, sitting by the watermelon patch…

AlbertRose - the meds were talking. No AlbertRoses were harmed in the making of this post.




My new dog will eat almost anything. I’m glad we now have someone in the house that actually likes cherry tomatoes!

Our old dog that passed away last November loved to try and lick off any perfume and deodorant that I had put on. I couldn’t sit on the bed to put my clothes on because I’d have a dog trying to lick my neck and armpits. He was a funny old thing. I miss him.

My new kitten, Lily also loves watermelon.

My mother’s Golden LOVES popcorn. If she hears it popping she comes running, and sits next to you with that incredibly hopeful and happy expression that Goldens are so good at. (Other dogs do it too, but Casey is a master of the art.) She doesn’t get a lot of it, but she does get the occasional piece tossed her way. It’s hard to resist that expression, damn it, that dog is GOOD.

My cat also LOVES cheese, in any form as far as I can tell, but since his insides react very very very very very badly to dairy products, I keep it away from him. He’ll check out anything to see whether it’s edible; he’s even tried tofu a time or two.

Carina, we had a Boxer for a while and Brit loved to visit the kitty box. We called them “Scooby Snacks”. Grossed my husband right out of existence practically. He’d come around the corner with litter still stuck to his chin. Never could teach him to use a napkin.

Annie, my female cat, WILL NOT eat tuna, chicken or anything other than cat food. Trust me, we’ve tried to give her a treat (tuna water out of a can of tuna fish) and she sticks her nose up at it.

More for her brother, I guess. Mr. Kitty likes popcorn. He gets one fat piece whenever I make some.

We don’t give them people food generally; I don’t like it when animals that beg.

I believe him. Spot LOVES salad! We found out one day when we accidentally dropped a whole leaf of Romaine on the floor. Spot nabbed it and made off with it like it was the best treat in the world.

Now we give him lettuce and/or tossed salad all the time–lettuce, tomato, carrots, mushrooms, etc. (without onion or dressing of course :slight_smile: ) It really amuses people to see a dog eating a salad.

I love both my cat (Dibben) and my dog (Sugar). I love almost every quirk they have. Almost.
The cat digs turds out of her litter box and plays with them, then the dog eats them.
At least they finally learned to share something.

That reminded me. Bear also used to lick any hand/skin lotion that I put on. I’d have to kick him outside before I could apply it. He’d go nuts trying to lick me otherwise.