One of my dogs likes watermelon


Talk about mundane and pointless.

Yes. One of my pooches decided that watermelon rocks - he badly wanted a taste of my service, so I gave him a chunk, just to see what he would do… well! He chewed it carefully (didn’t just gobble it up) - I swear a look of utter enjoyement and surprise crossed his little doggy face…

And now he’s sitting by the fridge, whining for more.

Any pets with weird tastes in human foods?

(who is, obviously, procrastinating, rather than working on her dissertation)

Ok, talk about a niiiice freudian slip (no, not you, Freudian Slip)…


Oh boy.

:::bracing self for impact… ::::

My Lab likes Asparagus, Watermelon, grapes, blueberries, and Curry Sauce

I want some of that watermelon service, too. Hubba hubba.

Sheila P. Albert eats all the normal dog stuff: week-old dead critters, dog food, cheese, table legs, treats, electricians, etc.

She likes to eat condoms. No, she doesn’t leave little plastic baggies full of Sheila-poop lying around. But she does gobble the Exoticas up. Perhaps she’s Catholic?

My cat’s breath smells of cat food.

Albert Rose, you worry me, darling.



As for watermelon service, it involves melon ballers… and…



I’m just gonna shut up now. The meds are talking.

Pray tell, how did you figure that out? Were you looking for a new disposal method? :smiley:

So glad you clarified that ‘slip’ for us, Elenfair. :slight_smile:

But, seriously, my cats and dog have all sorts of strange tastes. For example, all three of them love cantalope. My Jack Russell terrier loves grapes, and will beg for them if you even say the word. Her favorite seems to be the green Thompson seedless. Let’s see… Sir Wilbur was the first to beg for cantalope one day when I was cutting some up for a fruit salad. He also likes cheese of all kinds, even melted cheese while still quite warm. So does Heather, the other cat. Cold cheese is normal, warm/hot cheese isn’t.

Actually, Krystal, the doggie, will eat pretty much anything and everything. We’ve decided she’s our walking, barking vacuum cleaner; if it’s food of any kind, and it falls to the floor <or even sorta near the floor, if you catch my drift>, then it’s fair game and has her name on it. Breads of all kinds, fresh and cooked veggies of all kinds, whatever; she’s not picky. She’ll eat salsa and chili too.

My previous cat, Sassy, was particularly fond of warm french fries <yes, warm. not hot, not cold.>, and blueberries. Especially if said blueberries were warm, and in a muffin. Butter appreciated, but optional. And eggs! If you would even say the word ‘egg’ she’d come running and looking for her share. Raw, scrambled, over easy, no matter. Her favorite way was raw, on her plate or on her kitty food. Also, once just to see what she’d do, I gave her some of the jalapeno pieces from the monterrey jack cheese I was eating. She loved them, and begged for more! With or without the cheese attached.

Is that weird enough for you? :smiley:

And, Cleophus, do we really want to know the answer to that? :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even close.
My cat is named Sassy. He’s male.
He likes Froot Loops and Cheez-Its, as well as dog treats.

I had another cat, Spot. He was put down because he had systemic organ failure, as well as cancer.

But, anyway, Spot was wacko. He would stick his head in a shoe, or under the couch and twist his body around, in all kinds of weird patterns.

He liked to puke. A lot.
He also peed on various furniture multiple times, even though the litter boxes were clean :eek:
Side note: one time the litter boxes were accidentally changed with Oil-Dri, which is much more coarse than normal cat litter

He had a habit of getting dirty. Once he walked over a container of blue body powder and required a bath in our tub. It wasn’t fun.

Ah, the memories.

My current pet, Molly (the cat, also known as Empress of All She Surveys)is pretty mundane in her food choices. She loves cooked chicken, especially if it has been cooked with a little soy sauce. I used to have some puppies, though, that ate persimmons. Weird.

Our Golden Retriever adores strawberries. And beer, of course - if we’re drinking beer, he’ll deliberately try to bump our arms to we spill it, and then he licks it up.

The German Shepherd we had when I was growing up liked lima beans. Which was just as well, since nobody else did.

I have a cat who loves cheese. Now, while this, in and of itself, isn’t that surprising, this is a particularly aloof and regal cat, who considers begging to be beneath his station in life. Until the cheese comes out. He begs for cheese, and gets positively frantic if it’s muenster. He LOVES muenster cheese.

Let it be known, dopers have strange pets.

The parental golden retriever likes strawberries too. She picks them right off the plants. Never get to eat a ripe strawberry because of that darn dog.

My watermelon loving pooch also likes cheese and pasta, and grapes, as long as you split them open first. He loves them frozen, too.

My other dogs seem to have a soft spot for garlic and onions (raw) - gotta wonder why… gag

I used to have a cairn terrier (terror?) that tried to kill the insurance salesman every time he came to the house. He still asks whether or not we “still have that damned dog” when he comes by. She used to attack him.



My old GSD dog Phoebe is fairly mundane in her tastes, but she does like cat poop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cooper the Rotzilla pup likes EVERYTHING. Bananas, carrots, melon, grapes, books, dead squirrels.

Both dogs adore garlic. Both dogs eat a raw diet, and don’t get commercial food, which is weird to some people.

My old cat Taz hops up on the counter every morning as I’m making coffee and bitches at me until I give her some half & half. Milk, even whole milk, is just not good enough for her.

Darryl the Huntercat eats lots of birds. :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve read some research where some coyotes out west turned out to be quite fond of watermelon. Farmers were trapping them for raiding the watermelon patch, not the henhouse.

As far as my pets, normal foods for them, but my sister’s cockatiel had a hankering for lipstick. You could not leave a lipstick out anywhere without the bird getting into it (she managed to get the caps off and stick her face into the tube - couldn’t twist the tube, thank goodness).

Ummm Elly what are you doing to those poor dogs, and what do their future owners think when they start whimpering beside the watermelon patch??? Between this and Chernobyl I am starting to wonder about you…:wink:


I have 2, count em, 2 cats who LOVE tomatoes. The little Roma ones. We have to hide them in the oven so they don’t jump on the counter at night, mangle them and suck out the seeds and juices, and then leave them on the floor for us to step on before we get our morning coffee.

Let see now, pizza crust, ice cream (butterscotch is Rusty’s favorite), raw onions, peanut butter, toasts, cheese, peppers, spaghetti sauce (although it gives Blondie gas), grapes, oranges, bananas, eggs, bacon grease (major drool factor), cabbage, beer (Rusty is the lush), french fries, basically anything we eat… except raw mushrooms (they’ll mooch for them, chew them a little and spit them out and give us that insulted look).

My mom and I used to have a HUGE garden. One year we tried to grow canteloups and watermelons, but we had a dog that would go through, just before they ripened, and eat all the melons off the stalks. He also nibbled on peppers. Squirrels ate our tomatoes. I had a cat that would try to drink my coffee if I wasn’t looking. We had a dog that loved microwave popcorn. He got to be so good that he would wait by the microwave whenever we brought stacks of videos home. Then you have pet quirks where they drink out of toilet and eat bugs on the fly. I tells you–pets are strange.

Once had a dog that was always underfoot in my very small kitchen. In an effort (along the lines of “That’ll teach her!”) to keep her out of said kitchen I fed her a huge slice of onion.


On the flip side, my uncle had wonderful luck with the same problem with his dog with a jalepeno :smiley:

I noticed once that she had chewed into the box (at least I think it was her…). When I took her for her walk, I saw the remnants of Exotica within her stool.

My ladyfriend at the time thought this was the funniest thing she’d ever heard, and wasted no time in telling her friends that very evening at the pub. Apparently, she was right, because they all laughed at Sheila.