Odd foods your pets love: second edition

so i’m in the kitchen this evening making a quick late dinner for myself: canned vegetable soup and tuna salad on a toasted everything bagel. i spiff up the soup, never fear, so it’s more than palatable. the entire ensemble is darn tasty, if i do say so myself. but to make things the way i want them, i first take out all those damn slices of potato from the soup. i hate that canned potato taste. don’t have to eat it and i won’t. i’m all grown up now and i can do that.

but i digress. :stuck_out_tongue:

in the midst of this surgical removal, miss speck, the resident hell kitten on wheels, hops up on the counter to see what i’m doing. she thinks any time spent in the kitchen is for her anyway, so i wasn’t suprised by her appearance. absorbed in ridding my dinner of those nasty white things, i absent-mindedly put one down on the counter beside me. only to see miss speck face down on it in the next second.

at first i thought she was just licking off the salt, but no, she gobbled it down as if it were some kind of new kitty ambrosia. okay, thought i with raised eyebrow, this is different.

so, i collect a few of them, put them on a dish and put dish and kitten down on the floor to observe. she hoovered them up like they were going to be outlawed tomorrow. what is the deal, cat?

now the other scubakitty, turk, has not an odd tastebud in his little head. but the hell kitten? i shudder to think what else she might be into. :eek:

so, i figure there have to be a whole lot of new odd choices in animal tastebuds out there amongst my fellow dopers. the first thread on this subject is over a year old, after all. ante up, dopers. what are your resident furballs into this year?

My dogs love vegetables. Except for lettuce, they will eat pretty much whatever I let them have. They will eat the lettuce if it has salad dressing on it.

My mum’s old dog (rest in peace Hilda) used to like fibreglass insulation.

Honey (like most cats) likes ear wax, but especially loves curries or curried/spicy food of any stripe.

What’s with dogs and cheese? What, did their ancestors hunt wild cheddar in the European forests or something?

My cat loves sweet potatos.

Both my cats love (well, one loves, one loved - one of them passed away in October) olives and asparagus. To the point they can’t be trusted around them.

My dog loves toothpaste (don’t worry, I don’t give her any to eat, just a little taste off of my finger every now and then). She also loves wine and would lap it up if I let her (again, she only gets a rare taste but she’ll hover around so long as the wine glass is full). And the oddest thing of all, she likes the taste of armpits with deodorant. My husband learned not to tuck his hands behind his head if the dog’s in bed with him. However, she won’t eat boiled egg whites.

I had a Yorkie long ago that loved carrots.

i just remembered i had a border collie that had a taste for scotch. :stuck_out_tongue: been a while, y’know? was more or less a kid, then.

mom had to pick up all the leftover glasses after a party or cindy would help herself to the watered-down highballs and then we’d have a dog a couple of sheets to the wind for a few hours.

Both of our dogs love celery, carrots, yellow apples and salad.
Of the cats, Bob really enjoys spaghetti, Baggins likes Honey Ham, Arlene and Buck like to eat mushrooms and peanut butter.

The cats will eat almost anything they see a person eating. One in particular gets downright annoying, and will try to eat off of our plates, and will jump up and take a bite of your sandwich if you aren’t faster than he is. I have a few dogs which will eat absolutely anything. The most recent experiment was with green olives. Even my husband and kids won’t eat green olives, but the dogs will. Weird

I once had a cat that became seriously traumatized when I adopted a kitten, and started to express his trauma in strange ways. For example, he cracked open an audio cassette and devoured the tape. For the next several days, every time he pooped some of the tape would come out with the poop and I had to cut it off.

My aunt used to have a cat who loved popcorn to an insane degree. My mom used to have a dog who would eat the crotch out of our clothes. Taught us to put our dirty laundry straight into the hamper without passing go, I’ll tell you that for free.

The late Maggie Wonderbeagle would go nuts for tuna. She also thought rock was a food group. Lucretia D. Hellcat has a craving for corn. Popcorn, tortilla chips, she loves it.

I had a cat, Phoebe, that used to lick the sugar off of powdered donuts. My kitty Biscuit loves crunchy carbs- bread crusts, crackers, potato chips- she loves them all. Her sister, Snickers, doesn’t really like any people food. Auggie, The Cutest Dog on the Planet ™, loves raw green beans. He also likes soup- we always leave a little for him whenever we have it.

Our late cat Midnight loved Corn on the Cob. AShe went nuts for it. If she caught you husking some, you had to break off a piece (and give her some husk, too).

She also LOVED Vaseline.
And she astonished me the time she sniffed a marshmallow, then startinted licking it, then obsessively licking it, then biting out big chunks of it. She REALLY wanted that marshmallow. Once was enough for her, though.
Our other departed cat, Maggie, loved Vanilla ice cream. You couldn’t eat it near her without giving her her tithe. Midnight was oblivious to it, until Maggie passed away, at which time she obsessed on it. But if there was any chocolate (syrup, or chips, or chocolate ice cream), the deal was off.
Our cat Clarence surprised us recently by begging for lasagna. We gave him some to show him what we were eating, and to prove to him that he didn’t want it. He devoured it all. Clarence, by the way, looks like a one-eyed Garfield.

Our friends used to have a cat named Talletrand who loved Fritos Corn Chips. I used to bring bags of them with me when I came to visit.

One of my cats loves popcorn. I had a dog that would go crazy for bananas. Just peeling one in the kitche would make her come flying in from wherever she was in the house, and then she’d sit and drool until you gave her some. She liked to have it sliced up in a bowl for her.

Our dogs go absolutely crazy for cauliflower. They like all vegetables, but being in the presence of cauliflower makes them all giddy and goofy. Even the virtually toothless chihuahua must have his cauliflower crushed up into tiny pieces for him. I hate doing that because it makes my hands smell like cauliflower, and unlike the dogs, I hate the stuff.

Our border collie mix, usually known as Big Stupid, chews on rocks, but AFAIK she doesn’t swallow them.

My cat growing up used to love broccoli, cooked.

My current cats: one won’t eat anything on the floor except cold cuts. Everything else must be in a dish. And he enjoys tomato sauce. The other likes corn on the cob (but not canned) and even eats pizza crusts. Oh, and mango. At least they’re both afraid of oranges.

Last night my cat was acting too curious when I was eating dry Cap’n Crunch so I put one piece down for her. In seconds it was gone and then she wanted more. Weird cat.

Our cat liked green beans and anything dairy related. Dairy I understand but green beans?