One of my proudest moments...US Lab....

This is up there with my wife and I delivering our son by ourselves, or finishing a full restoration on my flathead and winning the first show it entered.

This weekend I was glued to the TV, watching as the US Lab " Destiny" was attached to the International Space Station and activated. Over two years of my life working on this project with countless other dedicated and professional individuals made this happen. A picture perfect launch from KSC and an equally impressive effort by the Atlantis crew integrating and activating the Lab. This was, in a large part due to the test team ensuring everything was tested and working flawlessly. I’m proud to be working with some of the highest caliber individuals you could ask for. Take a bow, you deserve it!

later, Tom.

YOU worked on that?!
I’m lucky I can put a model train track together right the first time.

I loved going to KSC and watching through the windows at the people working in the Space Station contruction area. (Stayed there for two hours once - it was fascinating).

Keep up the good work.

And you are right, that WAS a beautiful launch! The trail turned from subtle shades of blue to orange, and the full moon in the background. Chills just remembering it now. I’m trying to get a copy of the front-page photo from the Orlando Sntn*l. Gorgeous photo, but watching it live from the parking lot of the theatre was phenominal.

Couldn’t watch the actual deployment and such - the local cable company dropped live NASA feeds in favor of infomercials.

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