One of those problematic Cafe Society threads

No, I am actually doing my own homework. My problem is coming up with good ideas when the prof says “anything goes.” If I have a long list of good ideas in front of me, I’ll start mixing and matching them and eventually come up with a bunch of good (and mostly original, btw) ideas.

My high school English teacher had a booklet of 5,000 possible essay topics, and I found I could always come up with some great ideas of my own by just reading what was possible. Is there anything like this on the web? Can I get one of those neat booklets cheap and locally?

Argumentative Essay Topics

Understanding Essay Topics

I hope these help.

nnnnnot really. Thanks anyway, though.

Why weren’t they helpful? They looked pretty decent to me.

My father teaches english at a JC in California. He once cut the covers off several years’ worth of New Yorker magazines and handed them out in class, telling people to write a story about what was on the cover.

Maybe this will help?topics

The Internet: highly beneficial study aid or substitute for original thought? Discuss.