"One of us, one of us..." FREAKS on DVD

It’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I can get a copy, but the best news about this is… THREE Alternate endings!

I’ve heard of one possible alt ending, but not three!

I am so anticipating springing this on my friends!
“Gooble gobble, gooble gobble…”

Finally! When will it be released?

[/dumb questiom] You guys aren’t saying Tod Browning’s Freaks is coming out with 3 alternate endings right? You are talking about a later remake? [/dumb question]

I don’t think that is a dumb question at all jimmy. I’ve been tracking this release for a while now, I still have not found any information more detailed than what I saw on this page:

It will include an audio commentary by film historian David Skal (of course), a new documentary called “Freaks: Sideshow Cinema”, a prologue that was added just for the theatrical release, and three endings.

I’m a big fan of Freaks, but not horror in general, maybe I’m missing the more recent news.

How about a spoiler on the three endings? Midget marries girl midget, in or out?

The original version had SUCH a horrific ending that – I’ve heard – the footage was destroyed. It’s been a while since I’ve been a Freaks scholar, so I don’t remember exactly what it entailed. A close-up of the castration of the strong-man?

And the utterer of those words was none other than Angelo Rossitto who would be best known for his role from a half century later as “Master” (“The little man with the knowin’s of a lotta things”) from “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.”

He also had a recurring spot as one of Baretta’s “gang” in the TV series.

It was released Tuesday, the 10th.

And yes, Tod Browning’s FREAKS has three alternate endings.
An Amazon review tho says they don’t add that much, but just the fact they exist is pretty cool.

I had no idea about the BEYOND THUNDERDOME connection- that is great!