one question

who has a problem with downloading music? and if you do would you inlighten me on why.

Why is this in the Pit? Shouldn’t this be in IMHO?

Maybe he means, who has a problem in terms of ethics. In which case, though, that might be GD.

I have problems with downloading music because I don’t have an internet connection at home. The only way I can get a song to come through the phoneline is to call up the local radio station.

He is probably complaining about the fact that the moderators shut down threads aboutusing file-sharing networks to download music. The Pit is the appropriate place to complain about the moderators.

Downloading music without permission of the artist deprives that artist and the other people who helped create and produce the music of the compensation they are due for creating their intellectual property.

I believe people who work hard to create art deserve to be compensated for it, if that’s what they want.

If it’s not profitable for them to continue doing it, they might stop doing it. If you like their music enough to break the law to listen to it, you should like it well enough to pay them for it.

The US Department of Justice
The Library of Congress
The Copyright Office
Marybeth Peters, director of the Copyright Office

Because their job is to uphold the law as its been interpreted.
That was two questions

In that case, the probable correct response is something along the lines of “Those threads are being shut down by the mods because the Chicago Reader, which provides us this website and board for free, is afraid of getting their butts sued off by some music company should we start talking about how to download music. This would make the board shut down, and make us all have a big problem with that.”

So, in other words, cope. This is a privately-run board, and they do have the right to regulate what is discussed here.

In addition, the Chicago Reader produces copyrighted materials too, be it of the readable variety. It’s not just fear of being sued, it’s just plain business ethics as well.

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I have a problem with downloading music…the files are usually mislabeled!
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