One week to find a New York job

This isn’t really “mundane” or “pointless”, but it’s certainly something I need to share.

My girlfriend – a fellow doper who will remain namless – has spent the last two months in New York City, living off her savings, in an attempt to find a permanent job. Along with job interviews, she has signed with 10 temp agencies, hoping to find a temp-to-perm job. Only one agency has called her, providing her with sporadic work.

To make a long story short, her money has run out. Her two-month lease is up, and she’s been accepted at another apartment building, but without a job, she can’t afford the deposit, or the rent.

Friday evening she will board a plane and return to Los Angeles. Though I love her and look forward to seeing her again, she wants to live in New York. She gave up a lot on this two-month gamble, and I want it to pay off for her.

I am requesting, desperately and foolishly, for any New York dopers’ help in this endeavor, from general advice to specific phone numbers.

My girlfriend has a bachelor’s degree and a decade of employment experience. She will accept just about anything that allows her to pay her rent and stay in Manhattan.

I hope someone will see this and offer some assistance. After over three years on these boards, I know dopers are honest and trustworthy, and would never take advantage of a situation such as this, or allow any harm to come to one of their own.

So… help?

It is a real shame when a college graduate with that much experience behind her is scrounging to find a job. That said, it sounds like she is in dire need of a job, so why not look to something more temporary but easy to find, like a waitressing or hostess job? Waitstaff make good tips, and I always notice that restaurants and eateries are looking for help. Similarly, she could work as a cashier in a store, employee in a fast-food restaurant…glamorous and high-paying these jobs are not, but they will provide a steady source of at least some income. She can use the money she earns from the sporadic jobs found with her temp agency to supplement said income. Menial jobs like this are never recommended as a permanent solution, but in the here and now, it doesn’t look like she has much of a choice. Good luck to her. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, Elle.

Unfortunately, “a steady source of at least some income” isn’t going to cut it. She has looked into retail and food service jobs, and they simply don’t pay enough (and good luck finding a waitress job in NY with no experience). Also, I want to point out that the temp work is very sporadic, and can’t be counted upon. It isn’t like she’s getting occasional one- or two-week assignments. She’s getting basically nothing (at ten different agencies).

What we’re looking for is less of the $8/hr variety and more of the $35k/yr variety. Impossible? Maybe. But I love her and believe in her, and even though she’s just about given up, I haven’t. She’s qualified for a good job, and she (or I) can prove it if anyone wants to assist us. She spent seven years at a global corporation here in L.A., working her way up from minimum wage to salaried supervisor. Her BA is from one of the top 25 universities in the nation.

Are there any other suggestions?

What is her BA in and what exactly is her work experience?

Lest anyone think I’m slacking off in my quest –

I have replied to GoingtoCalifornia off the boards, to protect some of my GF’s personal information.

If anyone else require this information, feel free to post or e-mail for it. You’ll get a prompt response.

And to sweeten the deal, I’ve arranged for whoever solves our problem to receive a free VIP Experience for two at Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s a tour of the theme park and the studio, on foot, with priority access to all the rides and shows. A $278 value (and I’ll even pay the $8 to park). This offer never expires.

Thanks again.

My girlfriend would like me to clarify my “$35k/yr” statement.

The goal is not to find my girlfriend a glamorous, high-paying position. The goal is to find a job (or two) that pays the rent, so that she can stay in New York and, on her own, find a glamorous, high-paying position.

We are not asking for the moon; just a decent wage that allows her to continue her search. Without a steady income of, say, $14/hr, she will have to give up her dream and return to Los Angeles. On her behalf, I am trying to avoid this at all costs.

She has years of office experience, along with public speaking, and would be happy to accept a job as an assistant or receptionist. Despite this, half of the ten temp agencies with which she has registered have not even called her in to test. Even putting my romantic bias aside, I have to assume that this is due to a poor job market and stumbling economy, not to her lack of skills. Trust me, the girl can type FAST and never, ever makes grammatical or syntax errors.

She will work anywhere, for anyone, on the island of Manhattan. Not only is she a doper (and therefore one of the world’s superior people), but she’s dating a doper, which shows good sense and good taste.

I am on my knees, with my hands above my head to reach the keyboard, begging for assistance. People move to New York without a job all the time and somehow make it work; it can’t be that hard. And she has spent her two months assiduously looking for employment – surely that commitment, along with her stellar experience and education, impresses some NY doper enough to give her a chance?

Can I ask why she’s stuck on working in Manhattan?

New Jersey is just a subway ride away, you know.

Are you making an offer, monstro?

I’ll listen to anything. The SO will decide.

Sorry, I don’t have any jobs (I just scored one myself!) But I’ve been working in northern NJ for five years. Just like plenty of people commute into the city, your girlfriend could easily commute out.

Has she looked at Rutgers? A big school like that is bound to be hiring.

I wish your girlfriend all the best.

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With the help of an emergency loan, my girlfriend has been able to move into her second building and extend her stay in New York.

However, she is still without a job.

While I want to immensely thank GoingtoCalifornia, Saxface, Cerowyn, monstro and Zebra for their assistance, nothing has been finalized, so we are still accepting any advice and/or references. Except for very occasional temp work, she is still unemployed.

The Friday deadline has been pushed back, but the urgency remains. Some very kind dopers have offered some very good prospects, but should those fail, we are back to square one. Please post or contact me if you can offer any assistance.

Again, she and I are not asking for any favors or strings to be pulled – just opportunities for her to apply, test or interview. I’d also like to remind everyone that the “prize” has not yet been claimed; whoever’s help garners my girlfriend a job that allows her to stay in New York receives a VIP Experience at Universal’s theme park in Los Angeles. If you aren’t planning a trip to L.A. until 2006, it doesn’t matter. The offer is valid forever.

I am deeply grateful for everyone’s kindness. I feel that the goal is within reach.