Ongoing Euro '08 matches. Spoilers included

Tile says it all.

Day Four, Group D – end of first round:


Greece (holders)/Sweden

Portugal/Czech Republic, one all at the half. Deco for Portugal and Sionko (I think) with the equalizer.

Up for grabs…

Turkey/Switzerland second match of the day.

Right, you keep on typing - I’m stuck at work and need details. How are your play-by-play skills? :wink:

Try the live commentary from ESPN Soccernet:


I keep refreshing this page which isn’t quite the same.

Let’s just say that you’d be better off with duality72’s link. :wink:

55th minute, big mistake by Rozehnal on defense, Nuno Gomez fluffs the shot.

BTW, should either of these teams win, they book their ticket to the quarters – first or second will depend on the last match. But I’m sure the Swiss and the Turks are rooting for a tie.

Faack! Ronaldo, from Deco, inside the box, right-footed zinger, Portugal 2-1. On 64 minutes.

Try this one: Czech Republic vs Portugal Live Commentary

I like the Guardian’s minute-by-minute coverage, decent but not too serious…

Edit: although the ESPN thingy with the timeline and the flash anims makes it look a bit prehistoric…

Towering Jan Koller in…Czech going all out.

Ten minutes + injury time left.

Clooooose! Sionko header just cleared by Ricardo over the bar…two Portuguese defenders on Koller none on Sionko.

Can’t say that I blame them.

Over. Portugal long counter off of a fast free kick from midfield…Ronaldo to Quaresma, 3-1.

Portugal through to the quarters.

Yeah, the Guardian link works - apparently anything out of the UK is high-class and therefore not really about sports. :wink:


Sumbitch. I really don’t like Ronaldo.

It certainly is; why, they didn’t even make a single joke about Quim’s name.

Good match, that. I wouldn’t say it really nails down Portugal’s status as one of the favourites, though; the scoreline flattered them in the end, and if the Czechs had had someone better than Milan “ball goes where?” Baros on the end of some of their moves it could’ve been much tighter. Ricardo in particular looks to be a terrible flapper, and his almost complete inability to deal with set pieces can’t have gone unnoticed. On the other hand, the other standouts of the tournament thus far have looked slightly dubious in defence too, so who knows. We could be in for a goalfest in the final stages, which’ll be nice. And without sending off all the defenders, either. Who knew, eh?

Oh, right: everyone except Sepp Blatter.

Bit surprised by Ricardo’s play – looked nervous/insecure all match. Should have held-on to that shot towards the end instead of fisting it straight out, could have led to quite the dumb goal. I think he’ll settle though; had a terrific season for Betis.

You just had to get that little dig there at the defense of some of the tournament standouts, huh? Bah! Casillas is a wall all of his own! :wink:

There’s also a good fancy match tracker at the official UEFA site: Click on the MatchCentre link for the desired match.

I’ve been down on Ronaldo in the past, but there’s no doubt he’s playing fantastically lately and seems to have cut back somewhat on his more annoying habits so far this tournament. I’ve gotta give him props for being fun to watch so far. Don’t make me regret those words, you wanker!

At the rate’s raining these guys are going to have to trade their boots and kits for fins and wetsuits…

Hard to stay upright. What a mess.

24 minutes 14 fouls called!

24 minutes 14 fouls called!

Turkish goalie with two consecutive amazing saves…

Bizarre Swiss goal…thought I heard a whistle, then the cross dies in a puddle in the middle of the keeper’s box…Swiss forward floats it in.


Mr. Fury, you’re doing a wonderful job. Thanks. :smiley: The commentary I’m reading elsewhere is mentioning that if it keeps raining they’ll have to call the match. That’ll turn on the Swiss fans. Ouch.