World Cup: QFs and beyond

I know there are already a couple of WC threads knocking around, but sue me; I don’t get to start many. :slight_smile:

Anyway; slightly late, but still: predictions? Mine:

Argentina v Germany: Argentina to stuff the Germans in a 3-1 thriller, exposing the hitherto untested German defence in a display of searing brilliance. 20 minutes gone with no score just makes my prediction all the more bold and therefore respectable. :wink:

Italy v Ukraine: Crowd to be the real losers in a match destined to be dull beyond the wildest imaginings of a quantity surveyor called Nigel. Italy to go through by attrition, 1-0 through an own-goal in the second period of extra time.

England v Portugal: I offer no comment for fear of jinxing things. England to raise their game, though. I hope.

Brazil v France: Depends which France show up. The one that beat Spain could probably beat most people; the one that drew with Switzerland could probably manage a draw even if their opponents forfeited. Brazil 2-1, with a Ronaldinho special of some sort.

What do you reckon?

Well obviously it’ll be duller than his wildist imagnation. Now if it was duller than the tamest imaginings of a quantity surveyor called Nigel, that would be scary.

I hear that The Samaritans have drafted in extra staff especially for this match.

In the first prediction thread I bungled up my predictions unbelievably. I had teams playing each other that couldn’t possibly play each other. I did get a bunch of teams right though…so at least I have that.

Argentina and Germany - I’m watching it now and 3-1 doesn’t seem realistic as noone has a decent chance on goal yet. THis is cheating but I think it’s a 1-0 game. Germany wins.

Italy vs. Ukraine - My prediction is much like yours. I like Ukraine; I even bet on them as a darkhorse. With that said, I’m not sure they can score on Italy. I’m going Italy 1-0 as well.

England vs. Portugal - I have a lot of Portugese friends so naturally I want them to lose. They haven’t impressed me a great deal as yet, but then again, neither have England. England wins 2-1.

Brazil vs. France - Brazil seems to be able to turn up their game at the drop of a hat and when they do that they play at a higher level than anyone else in the tournament. France can’t make any mistakes in this one and even if they don’t, Brazil still wins. I’m going Brazil, 3-0.

With a half gone, I will say Argentina to win 1-0. They have had more possesion buit have not had Lehmann make a single save of consequence.

Italy vs. Ukraine: I will take Italy 2-0. I think this could be entertaining, for the wrong reasons. I think it will be chippy, a bit violent and I expect a dismissal or maybe even two.

England vs. Portugal: I think England will win. I just have a feeling that Rooney is just revved up and although they have played not spectacularly, they have been pretty solid and should get past a depleted Portugal, 2-1.

Brazil vs. France: I will say Brazil 2-0. Francve have trouble scoring at times and I think they will here also, I dunno why. Brazil have not been dominant, but they have still been very good. Folks seem to be expecting the Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals every time.

My predictions haven’t gone well so far. To anybody who on my say-so put their life savings on the American squad: sorry about that.

I don’t know about Germany-Argentina (haven’t checked the score), but I like Italy by three over the Ukraine, England by a Beckham goal over Portugal, and France to lose to Brazil on penalty kicks.

Argentina is ahead 1-0 as I write. I’ll guess than Germany manages to pull off a 2-1 win in extra time.

Italy will play its best game so far and beat Ukraine 2-0.

England and Portugal will muddle through. It’ll go to penalty kicks. I won’t hazard a guess who wins that.

France will start out strong, maybe even score an early goal. But Brazil will pull together and wear France down. Brazil wins 3-1.

Well, Argentina were dominating the last 5 minutes or so, and Ballack looks like he’s crocked with no replacement available. I’m sticking with my prediction: Argentina 3-1. I just … forgot to mention extra time. cough

Germany’s leading 3-2 in penalty kicks - go go go!

Germany wins!

But WTF is going on on the field?

Lehmann was awesome. It was pretty cool to see Kahn talk to him beforehand. He’s been relatively bitter, I’ve heard. He guessed right even on the goals that were scored on him. Any team that faces them in penalty kicks are dead.

There’s no way he was guessing. It’s pretty much impossible that he guessed right four straight times. He must have been reading the shooters correctly.

Yay! Germany wins!

I don’t usually watch the sport, and I pick favourites based on any given game I happen to be watching, but I have a soft spot for Germany because I used to live there. My home country isn’t an option (Canadian Football? go Tiger-Cats! hehehe) and I have enough mixed ancestry…English, French…not sure how to choose!

Man, that goalie (Lehmann) was COLD!

I was doing some other things during the game…how did the argentinian goalie get hurt, what happened on the field at the end, and what’s bowling for dollars???

Oliver Bierhoff (Ger, asst manager) was aggresively approached by Heinze (Arg) and some of his teammates after the final penalty, and this was pretty much a lighting of the blue touchpaper with regards to the overall nastiness. Link: Reuters

Dunno what set the Argentinians off though.

And Italy totally overwhelms Ukraine 3-0.

Yep, seems like Italy picked a good time to up their game. I’m looking forward to that semifinal now.

Well, I think this has comprehensively proved my awesome powers of prediction are in full operation; I just have an unfortunate inverter somewhere in the loop. So far I’m pretty much entirely incorrect. Backed Spain (with money, no less); out in the 2nd round. Backed Argentina; out within a couple of hours (albeit with the help of some ludicrous subsitutions from Pekerman). And the match I dibbed as boring (and consequently the only QF I’ll miss)? 3-0 thriller. I am clearly on fire.

So: in the spirit of all that, I will still reserve judgment on England/Portugal, but will confidently predict that Brazil will go through, scoring fifteen goals in stoppage time to set an unbreakable world record. Awesome. Just you wait and see.

I’m not saying you’re wrong about him reading the shooters (they were probably well scouted too), but why is it impossible to guess right four straight times?

I did watch that game and it was no thriller. Gary Lineker (BBC anchor) even apologised at half-time for how dull it was. Things did pick up a bit when Ukraine nearly scored, but Italy soon made it 2-0 and that was that.

I’m just watching the BBC’s pre-match football related crap with my window open, and I can hear the same sound coming from at least 3 other TVs out my window. :smiley: