Ongoing 'meeting' thread?

Hi, I’m dropzone and I am an alcoholic. Fell on my way to my wife’s funeral and got covered w/mud. I was fairly sober, but this has to end. Anybody want to talk? Got issues of your own?

Hi, I’m an alcoholic as well, but I’ve been in AA for a while. I hate the god thing and the rigidity of too many of the members. However, I couldn’t keep drinking because it was killing me.

So, I swallowed my pride, found someone who is also an atheist to be my mentor and somehow keep sober. It sucks, but drinking was worse.

I hope you can find a way as well.

Not an alcoholic, but I used to write for a series of rehab clinics. One of the articles I wrote covered the Reddit “stop drinking” sub. The ones who swear by it really love it and I think you may get more traction there than you might find here when it comes to discussion and having someone be there for you

Thanks, Sir.

Mods, you may close this tread.