Onimusha 2 rocketh!

Just wow!

I know this is an old game, but I only recently bought it, on a recommendation from a friend. This game was almost perfect in every way. Amazing graphics. Example: there is one area with a beach, and the waves breaking on the shore look photo realistic - I kid you not.

There was just enough combat to make it challenging. Puzzles which boggle the mind. Great plot. Love interest. The cut scenes are jaw dropping - very high resolution and with amazing detail, especially the cut scenes near the end.

The only things that could be improved would be: camera angle, and maybe the final bosses could have been a little tougher.

Anyway I enjoyed playing it so much that I’m going to play it again on the hard level (yes I chickened out and played it on easy!). If you own a PS2 and enjoy action / adventure / puzzle solving then buy this game! Just wanted to share.