Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance anyone?

I just rented this game and I am blown away. The graphics on this game are the best I have seen on the PS2 yet. I have played the other BG games on PC and they never really grabbed me because of all the long, LONG dialog scenes and minimal action. This is game is what Diablo 2 SHOULD have been, graphically anyways. The game play is very well executed and there are a ton of items to find thru out the game. There are not as many elite items as D2 because it is a one-time-thru game. No random map generation and you only really go thru each zone one time. You can team up with a buddy ala Gauntlet to co-op thru the game.

Be advised, if you like the game play of the PC games and don’t like DIablo then you wont like this! This is a dungeon hack pure and simple as they come. But it is graphically stunning and the controls are VERY tight.

To anyone who has played this game I have one question. Were you as blown away by the huge tits on that barkeep chick in the first chapter as I was? They made her move like she was doing a little strip tease for you the whole time you talked to her.


I have it, great fun. The graphics are great impressive. And yeah, the barkeep is a bit over the top. Thing is it gets worse. Just wait til you run into the Drow priestess. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that sequence is just barely short of a soft porn movie.

“Great impressive”? Yeesh, what the heck was i thinking when I typed that? Please ignore that and any other funky mistypings I may have missed. Gotta remember to preview.

Dude, it’s just boobs. The game had more than boobs.

We got the game in February, and I’ve finished it four times on all but the Extreme setting. I enjoyed racking up over 4 million gold pieces and importing the cool weapons (including the final, important piece) to the earlier acts. Spiders were a cinch after that.

It was neat to finally be able to play as Drizzt in a game. Other than that, eh, it wasn’t Diablo…