Champions of Norrath

I haven’t been this addicted to a game since Beyond Good and Evil*. It’s a very good hack and slash game, what many people are calling what Dark Allience 2 should have been (which isn’t suprising since this is from the same people that made the first Dark Allience). I’ve never played DA2, but I did play the first one, and this is better in just about every way. Some people have dubbed this “Diablo 3” on some other message boards I frequent. The online play (supports 4 players at once) is just frosting on the cake, and is much more challenging. It also supports voice chat, and it doesn’t even cost money :smiley: .

There’s enough replay value to keep you playing long after you beat it since you get better weapons, armor, and doohickeys you can attach do your weapons/armor on the harder difficulties. The graphics are some of the best on the PS2, and the music is exceptional too. One tune sounds like it was ripped right out of Braveheart. There are a few technical quibbles. Music stutters sometimes, the framerate drops occasionaly, and every once in a while, there will be big black squares on the screen because the graphics aren’t done loading, but overall it’s a solid game, and despite it’s name, has very very little in common with Everquest.

Damnit. I wasn’t done with my post and it got submitted anyways :mad: .

Anyways…Does anyone here have this game with a network adapter and mic?

*I’m not sure if anyone here has ever heard of Beyond Good and Evil, but is one of the most overlooked games ever created. Despite it’s quality rivaling the best adventure games out there, it sold so poorly, that after Christmas it’s price dropped to $10 at Circuit City. Everywhere else it dropped to $20. It’s one of my favorite games of this generation, and it’s very very rare to hear from someone that doesn’t like it. I reccomened this game to every one that likes games. You can read Gamespot’s review here: BG&E