Online 911 telephone calls

Does anyone else here think there might be a market for an Internet 911? Isn’t it possible there are many scenarios where a person is online when an emergency happens?

I shudder at the thought of relying on my computer to call for help (especially when the phone is right here) . . . gives “Blue Screen of Death” a whole new meaning. :dubious:

I have my doubts. Why would being online prevent you from using a mobile phone, landline or shouting for a neighbour’s help? And if it’s particularly urgent, remembering the URL for a 911 webpage, waiting while it loads, selecting the right option, typing your address (and so on) would take some time when your mind might be on other things. And your placing faith in something a lot more impersonal than a human operator, which I think would put a lot of people off.

Gah. “You’re”, clearly.

Also, I realise that a landline may be unavailable for dial-up users, but I doubt that disconnecting (one right-click and one left-click on my PC) takes longer than having to navigate to and through a 911 webpage.

I was thinking more along the lines of a program that comes up at boot time and is always available, so one-click and you’re connected. With all the wireless networking catching on, soon you will be able to have your pc (or Internet device in general) connected to the internet without a cable. Also, I am not advocating ONLY online 911, just online 911 as another way to access the service.

Eh. If we’re going to look for a supertechno emergency program, just wait a few years till wireless technology meets up with implanted computing and we’re browsing the web on our pineal glands.

Seriously though, this would just end up in a deluge of script kiddies DoS’ing the 911 system, and I think it’s bad enough with them just screwing up ISPs and major websites.

When you consider all those who currently call 911 for everything except a true emergency, do you really think emergency services would ever support an online 911 system with the multitudes of inept computer users?

Firstly, I think there’d be immense abuse, both accidental and deliberate.

But I can evisage a few (perhaps contrived) situations where someone would have internet access but not phone and need help. It’d be reasuring if they had a better option than emailing all their friends saying 'Phone 911 now, this is not a joke!

Heh. One of the many reasons I left AOL was because of the forced updates. I’d disconnect, then AOL would keep the connection going, sometimes for more than half an hour, so they could give me “new, improved” AOL features and services. It got to the point where I’d unplug the phone from the modem.

I’ve got cable now, and I’m much happier.

I knew AOL was bad, but they seem to be going for a record number of things-that-would-tick-me-off.

“If you are being murdered or have a dial-up connection, please hold the line!”