Online Backgammon

Can anyone recommend an online Backgammon site? I want to play against real players, but not for money.


Doesn’t Windows have this? I thought it was pretty solid.

Take a look at The interface is not particularly pretty, but it’s functional.

It’s a turn-based setup, such that you (can) get email notifications when your opponent has taken a turn. If you know that the other person is playing at the same time you are, you can just refresh your screen.

If you’re looking for truly live play, has backgammon.

I think FIBS (the Free Internet Backgammon Server) would be the place to go. I haven’t played in a while myself, but there are plenty of suitably slick clients for it out there and tons of players. (All more than happy to whoop my ass, I’m afraid.)

I played about 6 games. In all but one my opponant left before the game was over. Other wise I thought it was ok.

Thanks. I’ll try and the FIBS

Yahoo has a pretty active backgammon section, but you have to work your way up through the ranks to play against the better players.

I’ve spent a couple of years getting my ass kicked by GNU Backgammon but with tutorial mode on, I’ve gradually learned enough to be a solid intermediate to low level advanced player. If I really focus, on the standard settings, with the doubling cube, I can win about 40% of the time.

The FIBS thing looks quite interesting though. I’m definitely going to check that one out - Thank you LawMonkey.