Online courses.

I currently take online classes, and I’m worried that I’ll have trouble finding a job if my potential employer finds out I went to college completely online.

Anyone who’s taken online courses able to share their experiences?

Is your college a nonprofit that’s accredited by a regional (not national) accrediting agency? That information should be readily available on the website (by law it has to be).

That’s the critical piece for most employers, in general. With no specifics of college, program, degree, or job hopes, it’s hard to say more.

It’s my local CC.

Confirm that it’s still accredited and talk to the career office or academic advisors about job placement info. Most CC’s are required to keep those stats.

Again, without a lot of detail (or even with some, to be honest) it’s hard to say how employers in a specific field will feel.

In broad general strokes, from an accredited college, online programs are usually just fine.

It shouldn’t matter and I don’t see why it would come up.

Its not like you went to the University of Maryland, and your potential employer is going to say “Remember the 'Vous?”.