Online Game - 'Funny Farm' (Word association)

I found a online word association game that has kept my attention for better than a week now: Funny Farm. It’s a brilliantly simple word association game that you can attempt to solve on your own, or by working with others.

So far, I’ve got all but five squares started, and only one square complete.

Just thought I’d share with all you cerebral types, most of whom will probably have it solved before dinner. Have fun!


Tough. But then, I uck at most things world-related.

Is it all nouns?

It appears to be all nouns so far. Some are proper nouns.

I have a feeling that I’ll be at this game for the rest of this year.

Hey, it told me I attempted to cheat by looking at the source HTML. I wasn’t, honest. I was just typing in farmyard animals. Hm.

I get that error all the time. It seems to be a minor bug with the game. I just use the previous screen function on the browser.

this is tough, and I’m a little stuck. But I just can’t stop!

no clues available? I don’t get some of the connections, and I don’t get a lot of the ommissions. A clue would be nice.

This is supposed to be a collaborative effort, is it not? I only spent about 10 minutes on it (for now), but here’s my part:

Yeah, that is addictive. I need a clue, too! It’s cool that you can merge games, but I’d rather get a little clue at a time.

Do you guys who don’t want to merge want to help each other out in this thread? We could make copious use of spoiler boxes.

There’s a 2-letter word just north of “bull” that overlaps into the next square. Any thoughts?

It’s an abbreviation for a common two-word term related to bulls.

how do you merge?

Bouv–Thanks. I’m still stuck, but thanks.

And what kind of farmer doesn’t have a plow? :wink:

Hint: The bull has what in common with Penn & Teller? (You get good clues by scrolling into the next map area!)

As another hint, the dots in each box represent the number of letters in each answer. I’m only just getting started, though, and I don’t think I have any real hope in the box called “Poker stars”.

I don’t know what the heck you did, Hal, but your code keeps resulting in it bringing up the ‘cheating attempt’ error.

Somehow I can’t link up “pig” to “religion” using any of the logical associations.

Which 2 religions have something to do with pigs (not neccessarily any love of them)?

Also, I figured out what’s wrong with trying to merge Hal’s URL…the line break adds a space into the URL.

Here’s mine (after merging Hal’s) if anyone wants to include my work:

Oh, right. :smack: (I was going for “dirty” “unclean” “not kosher”).