Online Monopoly Games?

I love playing Monopoly™ online. In fact, my addiction is kinda disturbing. It probably has to do with the fact that I’m dirt poor in real life… I think I won’t look too deeply into that.

Anyway,, my online monopoly venue of choice, announced that they’re no longer going to host online monopoly games. It looks like the whole website is moving to a gambling/pay-per-play type model. I tried playing Monopoly on, but in my opinion that whole website is just too buggy. The game randomly freezes, auctions don’t work at all, etc.

Being the Monopoly addict I am, I’m wondering if anyone else knows about websites that offer online Monopoly (that is, against human opponents, not the computer.) Free is best, but if there’s a small monthly fee, I guess that’s ok too.

Thanks in advance!

Do you just like the fact that there’s no muss and fuss to the online version, or are you playing against people? If it’s the former, I suggest investing in the Monopoly (tm?) CD-ROM.

And I love your username. It embiggens me.

I might get the CD, but I’m really looking to play online, against actual, honest-to-goodness people.

The Simpsons quotes… obsession number 2. :smiley: