Online multiplayer games of yore

I miss Wordox. It came back as Wordsteal for a while, but it’s gone again. My husband MaxTheVool and I did lots of courting there, back in the day.

Also, Acrophobia. Remember that one? Coming up with the funniest ‘backronyms?’ Gameshow format? I just Googled round a bit, and though it seems like there’s a few imitators, nothing current.

What online games do you wish you could play again?

I was one of the original Air Warriors (back in 1989). Wire frame 2D planes with blocky textures-just typing this really brings me back.

I spent a lot of time (and money) on Megawars I back on CompuServe.

I spent hours a day on Acrophobia. That was so much fun.

My fingers are crossed that Acrophobia may one day be resurrected.

It could happen. You Don’t Know Jack just got a console release in February, and by how much the banter is feeding on current events (seems moreso than the YDKJ of old), I’m guessing they’re going to try serializing releases. And YDKJ’s developer, Jellyvision, once upon a time partnered with the company responsible for Acrophobia, Berkeley Systems. Even with Berkeley dead for more than a decade, I’m going to take the long-shot hope that maybe, somehow, Jellyvision can manage some kind of play for the Acrophobia brand. Or that somebody else, recognizing how awesome it once was, brings it back properly.