Online poker fucked by puritain DOJ retards

aka another day in the Land of the Free

But 48 hours ago, any American could point their browser at (amongst other websites) and within minutes be playing poker at stakes from pennies to porsches

Not anymore. Visit that website and one learns that the domain has been seized by the FBI. Players from civilised countries that value personal freedom can still play (in the case of pokerstars, by visting

In a self congratulatory press release by some scumbag pseudo-politicians at the DOJ, we learn that:

Well, maybe. But that makes not a jot of difference to the real issue here - a toxic combination of protectionism and puritanism once again stifles life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Never trust a woman named Janice. I learned that when I was a lot younger.

Oh, and fuck the US for thinking it’s police of the world, again. Most of the people charged have not set foot in the US since the poker boom. These sites were offshore and frankly none of your business.

If they’re doing illegal business with U.S. banks, how is it NOT our business?

Ignore that part, it is a total abstraction from the real issue. They want you to be discussing that.

Anyone can see that this is really about internet poker. Let’s discuss that.

Cheer up. There’s always Three-card Monte.

In that case, there’s already a thread on it in the Game Room.

Yeah, but why does it have to be illegal? Because taxes don’t get paid on the money? I don’t think the USA is overly oppressive like the OP seems to imply but if I want to gamble my money (or not, they do have free poker too) on the internet why can’t I? Why is it any business of the government?


It’s illegal because a bunch of assholes in Congress made it illegal. I have no interest in playing internet poker, but I’m with the OP on this one. First they came for the on line poker players, and I didn’t speak up because I’m not an on line poker player…

Good. The vast majority of the players on these sites are degenerate losers. It’s WoW with a little cachet.

What I want to know is what took the government so long? That credit card payment law has been on the books for years.

So are the vast majority of people on the internet. And are you picking on degenerate losers because the cool kids would beat you up, or what?

So things should be banned because (people who are in your opinion) degenerate losers enjoy them?

Do you want WoW banned? It doesn’t even have the cachet, after all.

It’s not the fault of the DOJ, it’s the fault of congress and, most likely, lobbyists representing the casinos.

Seems silly to blame the DOJ. Its not their fault online poker is illegal in the States. Blame Congress and campaign to get the laws changed.

I don’t have any problem with online poker being legalized, but given that it is illegal, I don’t think the DOJ should turn the other way while banks take proceedes from illegal activity. Especially the “flout the law for a fee”, banks shouldn’t be allowed to help launder money, even if the activity that generated the money was largely harmless.

But why do they have to enjoy it so much? Read that quote again.

Like I said: third rate politicians.

My question is this: what about states like California, where poker is completely legal? If I want to connect to a website to participate in an activity that is legal both where I am and where the website is, how is that a problem? Why is the government even getting involved?

Okay the law is the law is a good point. However this appears to be a jackass law, would non-jackasses brag about doing a jackass thing as part of their job?

I say no they would not.

Even the jackassiest laws have their die-hard fans, as we’ve seen time and time again on this board.

Actually it isn’t “completely legal” where the house gets involved. There’s a monopoly.

Not sure if I’m allowed to link to other forums but even before this California residents were on shaky ground, technically. You will be able to find more info with google.

Eh, people who do a job enjoy it when they’re successful. In general we want the DoJ to do their upmost to enforce the law, not spend a lot of time musing on the relative worth of those laws. Thats the legislatures job.

Giraffe, internet gambling is illegal in the US, which includes CA. The legality of poker isn’t really relevant.

Disagree. One should not enjoy the parts of your job where you are unpleasant bitch.