Online resources, guides, practice exercises for economics?

I’m taking an economics course right now, and I’m just wondering if anyone is familiar with online lectures, study guides, etc. that would be helpful for someone studying micro- and macroeconomics. I’ve found numerous resources from schools that provide opencourseware (MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard, etc.), but I’m wondering if there are other websites devoted to helping people better understznd econ.

Any suggestions?

Check out the videos from Teaching Company: The Great Courses

The videos are really about economic “thinking” and do not get into mathematics, equations, or models. Some folks they are expensive (compared to $4.99 DVD movies in Best Buy bargain bin) but I think they’re cheap compared to the cost of college textbooks and tuition.

The professors are somewhat “conservative” leaning but the basic information is solid and isn’t affected by any political leanings.

I should note that I’m looking for FREE resources. Sorry. I’m just looking for something to supplement the courses that I’m already paying for.