Online shopping - Iceland

Dear TSD,

I need to purchase a gift for someone living in Reykjavík, Iceland. I need it to be online, and hopefully an Icelandic company. I’ve tried and but the shipping fees are somewhere around $40US for a simple paperback and a CD. If anyone knows of a good website with a wide variety of products, that would be soooo helpful. Thanks!

You could try Danish websites. If anyone outside Iceland itself has low shipping rates it’s likely to be Denmark, since Iceland was a territory of theirs. Still won’t be cheap though, I suspect.

I don’t know, but you’d do well to find one located within Iceland. A colleague who lives there told me their customs fees are horrendous - in one case he had to pay more than the purchase price in fees, and that was for an unsolicited gift.

If your friend likes spa stuff, the Blue Lagoon has a shop. It’s a touristy thing, but they may like it. has free shipping on everything and they ship to Iceland.

It can take a while for the products to get there because they ship from multiple locations on the globe. I’ve received packages from Hongkong, California and Switzerland. And they ship each product seperatly.

If you choose to use an international website you should look into Icelandic customs fees because they can be pretty steep and you probably don’t want the receiver of the package to have to pay for those.