Online source of books in French?

This question is probably aimed more toward *Canadiens * than anyone else. However, anyone is welcome to answer…

I am fluent in French, having lived in France for several years when I was growing up. I hardly use it anymore–I live in Louisville KY, and don’t know anyone else who speaks it. I like to read books in French, though, to keep myself fluent. However, it is VERY hard to find books in French here (unless you want five million copies of Le Petit prince.)

When I look for books online, I inevitably end up on French bookseller websites. It costs way to much to order from them, mainly because of the shipping costs. Occasionally I can get an ISBN number that I can take to a local bookstore for special order, but even that doesn’t always work too well (which is how I ended up with the second volume of Le Comte de Monte Christo, but not the first volume.)

Are there any good Canadian bookstores online that sell books in French? That would at least cut down on shipping charges, I hope, but I can’t find anything via Google.

Any suggestions are welcome.

See what you think of Schoenhofs, boutiques francophones, and advanced search.

Not a Canadian bookstore, but an American bookstore that carries French language books:

Books Without Borders

I was happy to see that Librairie Champlain is online.

Oh, The Beguiling in Toronto has an excellent selection of BD (bandes dessinées–French comics). Dunno how they are on ordering though.

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We’ve ordered directly from Amazon France:

Uncheck all of the boxes: they love e-mail spam more than most websites.

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Vlad/Igor, if you want an impromptu tour guide while visiting T.O., I’d be glad to show you around a bit. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve been there twice by myself, and twice with Kiminy. Now we want to bring the 13 and 10 yo little Igors (they really enjoyed Vancouver) to see the big T and experience a non-English environment (outside of Montreal). Off the top of my head, I can think of Chinatown, the Science Centre, Casa Loma, and the CN tower as things to do. Anything else?

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Same for Toronto.

Try and , two Quebec bookstore chains.

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