Only letters are letters!


I pit all of those who use symbols and numbers as letters!
“Leet speak” is a lunguage used by the weak. If you spell microsoft like Miscro$oft, stop. You are not being smart, you are being dumb.
And sinse this is the Pit, I say “fuck you all!” only letters are letters.

Yes I am drunk, thank you for noticing.

Let the 1337 speak begin!

I pit all of those who use underscores instead of spaces!
"_"≠ " "
I say “fuck you” right back. Only spaces are spaces!

MrDibble has a point.

If I can’t use symbols for letters, how am I supposed to call someone an a$$h0le in a filtered chatroom?

It also helps to use the correct letters when forming words.

I confess I am a doofus but I don’t even know what LEET speak means. I was once accused of using it because I said my mother weighed “7 st 3”, evidently that looked leetish.

What the fuck is Leet speak? Is it just substituting numbers/symbols for letters or is it something more cryptic?

There are a series of symbols that stand for words (not letters, as in Leetish) which are legitimate for informal or business English:
@ = at
$ = dollar(s)
% = percent(age)
& = and

  • = and/plus
    § = section
    ¢ = cent(s)
    ¥ = yen(s)
    ¶ = paragraph

The Master addresses leetspeek/“l33t5p33k”. (He doesn’t get around to addressing why leeters think that speak has two es and no a.)

(I’m guessing calm kiwi’s mum weighed 101 lbs., but I don’t know why she didn’t just say 1.01 cwt like everyone else.)

If some of us started referring to our weight in cwt, that’d make it even more depressing … :slight_smile:

Ummm…possibly because I has no idea what ‘cwt’ means. I used St (stones) because that is what I grew up with. I ‘should’ know what my weight is in kg’s but stones and pounds make more sense to me.
It is not easy being born in the crossover generation. For me weight only makes sense in st and lb, yet speed only makes sense in k’s.

I am the confused generation. Poor, poor me :smiley:

cwt = hundred weight. As in 100 lbs. Or so I’m guessing. :slight_smile:

Is a ‘lunguage’ something you speak huffily?

I had a stone last year. Hurt like hell.

So that is a way people tell their weight? CWT plus 10? or whatever?

Bugger that. My mum is 7 st 3, no leet speak invoked.

Me…I ain’t telling you that I’m 9 st and a bit. Still no leet speek!

If you had all mine then, it’d be murder.

But I bet your stone didn’t weigh a stone!

I’ve actually never seen cwt used in terms of human weight. Probably because those of us of the more generously proportioned crowd would start growling, menacingly, if someone started using that instead of stones/pounds (or kilos).

At least you knew what CWT meant. I was guessing it was a new crime show…Crime With Threat, Criminals Want Truth, Crime With Testing. Something like that.

When I was a kid, I saw a photo of a prewar (the Great War) aiplane about to carry a woman aloft. She was HUGE. The caption said she weighed 19 stone something. I remember thinking to myself, “Those must be some pretty big stones. She’s HUGE!”