ONOZ! Statues Haz Boobies!

They lauged at Comstock, they laughed at Ashcroft, and now we have someone else to laugh at for the moment:

A Chafed Texan in the Naked City

If he doesn’t want to see a boob, he shouldn’t look in the mirror.

The original article I saw reporting this quoted him as saying 20% of the art in the National Gallery of Art were nude.

I want to know how he came up with that figure. Did he count them himself?

I’m pretty sure he saw one set of boobies, then mentally affixed them to 20% of the rest of the stuff he saw out of “shock” at viewing a nude.

Read this article a few days back, and I have to wonder how this “nudity in all forms should be punished as it’s always sexual and WRONG” mentality comes about. I haven’t really seen it in person before.

Well, we are talking about someone who is considering making a trip from Texas to DC for the purpose of “videotap[ing] the evidence”.

Yet, he has 14 children. What did he do, mail-order them?

He needs an archenemy. Someone who crusades for more nudity in public. Someone who pickets town beatification meetings and sculptors, demanding that statues be naked. He could even hand out literature on the subject.

St. Louis? St. Paul? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that’s a pretty good typo considering the subject. :wink:

From the linked article:

I wonder what he does think our country is about.

The current administration has been saying for years now that we’re all about Freedom and Liberty. Of course, he keeps using those words and I don’t think they mean what he thinks they mean.

But anyway, freedom to have boobies on statues and the liberty to look at them is what the fine men and women of our military have been fighting for for hundreds of years. Obviously this chafed Texan hates America. The terrorists have already won, yada, yada, yada.
By the way, why is he chafed? Does it have something to do with all the boobies?

Wasn’t there someone from Texas who got into a swivet on this board on the subject of nudity in art?

Probably the hokey pokey.

According to the story, Lady Godiva’s motivation was to convince her husband to keep taxes down. If the other Republicans find out that he doesn’t think that’s what the country is all about, they’re gonna kick him out of the party. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? Spouses can’t stay married more than 8 years?

I figure, at the National Gallery, he meticulously counted the artworks. Then he counted the boobies, dividing by two. In the works where he couldn’t tell what was depicted, he assumed nudity and guessed at the number of boobies. In the cubist section, he often reached an odd number. :eek:

With some works of modern art, you might get a very odd number. (I figure the linked picture is not NSFW, even though it’s a painting of a nude woman, because it’s very hard to tell which, if any, of the circles and ovals in picture are representations of boobies).

Sounds like this guy is getting an irrational number… :stuck_out_tongue:

With 14 kids, you’d think he’d be too busy providing for them and helping tend to them to have time to do stuff like this.
I’d love to take him to the V & A or the British museum or Louvre. What a tool.

Ooh, ooh - I volunteer! You can call me:


I bet my literature will get read more than his…


I for one am intrigued by his idea of term limits on spouses and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

I like the idea of being required to change spouses every few years. I think society would be a lot more interesting.