Ontario Dopers: Get Out The Vote

The polls are now open so don’t forget to vote.

My prediction:
Liberals - 63
Conservatives - 32
NDP - 12

Only 11 hours and 36 minutes until the polls close.

I will vote after work. MMP = yes; then either green or orange. :slight_smile:

That’s the same boat that I’m in.

Do I vote for the same party as always and for the campaign where the CFO and I went to school together for 10 years and remain good friends? (Orange)


Do I vote for the party that for the most part I don’t agree with but there is a major issue that they stand apart from the other 3 parties on and I firmly support them for taking that position? (Green)

I’m still not sure.

I voted this morning and threw them all in a tizzy, I think I was the first person they had to deal with who (gasp!) wasn’t on the voter’s list. They were about to send me across town to a different poll when my neighbours intervened and hollered that I just live right over there [points]. In the end I prevailed but I was 1/2 hour late for work.

And to display the idiocy of this current system, I will tell you how I voted while naming as few names as possible.

I am a committed member and volunteer of Party A.

Ideologically my sympathies also lie near Party B but certainly not in the state it’s currently in, nor in the state it’s ever been in Ontario in my adult lifetime.

Party C is one I have never and can’t imagine myself voting for but frankly find them the least of the evils for this election. However, my incumbent is a member of this party and is a worthless bum and needs to be voted out.

I have friends in all of the above parties but not Party D, whose policies I find to be contradictory, whose representatives are untrustworthy, whose politics are dirty, and whose ideology is obsolete.

So guess who I voted for? That’s right, Party D. The one which I find most objectionable in every conceivable way, except in the one single way that matters, i.e. that its candidate is (a) NOT the worthless party C bum and (b) has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating him.

I’m a bit disgusted with myself for doing it. That’s why I also voted for MMP, in the hopes that people wouldn’t have to make these bizarre anti-democratic choices any more.

Yeah, I had fun too. The lady at the first desk sent me on to my polling station, where they checked my ID and added me to the list. While I was marking my ballots, they realized that I needed to fill out a form at the first table, so she took my ballots (fortunately marked, as you will see) from me before I could drop them in the box and sent me back to the first lady. I filled out the form, and went back to retrieve my ballots and vote, and was told they had dropped them in the box!

I was told that she realized the ballots were confidential, and as soon as she saw me glance in that direction, she put them in. WTF?

I was pissed, and will be writing a nastygram.

Wow, that doesn’t sound good, Frank. I just got back from my voting, and it went smooth as silk.

I got to yank the strings of power! I rule [sub]along with 8.7 million other Ontarian voters[/sub]!

I like voting. I should do it more often. :slight_smile:

Dare I ask, where did you stand on the referendum?

I did vote this morning, smooth as silk, for the least objectional bonehead in the group.

I was very torn on the referendum though, couldn’t decide one way or the other.

Do I want more government? Would I like to see the Green Party included in the debates?
What about the Family First party? If they use the list you effectively have someone in office that wasn’t elected. How did you decide?

It appears that MMP is a resounding “no.” It’s as dead as Julius Caesar as this point.

An easy Liberal victory, as expected. Tory was idiotic to raise faith-based school funding as an issue. It’s a shame, because he’s a rare decent man in politics, but he ran a brutal campaign.

The news is in:

McGuinty’s back with his second majority. Yippie-kay-yay, mothervoters. sigh

But NDP and the Greens have gained loads more seats! :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if I’m being whooshed or if you meant “loads more votes”.

One seat ain’t exactly a load.