Ooh, boy, I offended my stepmonsterinlaw.

How would you like a link that is guaranteed to download a virus? I know of one.


Al Gore is going to be so pissed.

On the matter of the computer, you probably didn’t break anything, and the above-posters are probably right that she ‘lost’ the address list that drops down from the URL bar up top. I’ve noticed, and likely other helpdeskers will back me up here, that other people get very angry when you very politely point out that they do not know how to use their $2000 pile of computer parts very well. It’s like they have some sort of innate sense that other people know all this stuff and they don’t, and they’re embarrassed to admit it. These are probably the same mysterious other people that they’re convinced get together and gossip every time they get a new lawn flamingo, which would sort of explain why the geeky-types don’t get this sudden flash of anger and obsession with social standing very well. :slight_smile:

As for your MIL – my mother is just like that. I cope by never visiting them if I can help it. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you have that option here, so I’ll just send your best wishes, and suggest having a bottle of your favorite headache-reliever on hand for the next time.

—Well, it turns out it’s just what you guys said: she uses the address bar as a favorites folder, so that explains the “lost” sites.

—And Mr. Rilch discussed this with his dad while they were on the golf course. He was, in fact, not happy with the tone his dad had taken with me, and, as others have speculated, according to FIL, it “wasn’t really about the computer – she’s been moody lately.”

—Remember, this was not my MIL; it was my FIL’s second wife. My MIL is a doll; FIL’s wife is a witch. There’s a lot of friction in that marriage that I won’t go into, partly because I don’t know all of it, and partly because it ain’t my concern. Suffice to say, I happened to get into Stepmonster’s line of fire, but it could have been anything. She even gave back the remainder of the cookies I’d brought to the barbecue, because “FIL will go off his diet if stuff like that is lying around.” You get the picture.

—We were only overnight guests at their house anyway. On Tuesday, orginally I was supposed to go with Step to a plant nursery while Mr. Rilch and FIL were playing golf. I was perfectly willing to do this for the sake of peace in the family, but I can’t say I was sorry to be let off that hook and “banished” to Panera for three hours. The four of us went to lunch afterwards, and it was like nothing had happened. (Read into that what you will.)

—I did NOT log out of SDMB. I would be more nervous about that, except, the woman doesn’t even know how to create a favorites folder; how’s she gonna find this thread?

—I wouldn’t have told MIL a thing about this, but Mr. Rilch did anyway. Another tidbit he related was his dad not believing that I could really spend 3 1/2 hours on the net just catching up on my daily sites. Mr. Rilch tried and ultimately failed to explain that daily sites, by definition, CHANGE every day, and it takes time to read the posts one has missed. Suprisingly, MIL, whos internet-fu makes Step look like the kid from “Jurassic Park”, said, “Oh, I understand! It would be like telling me to watch the same episode of ‘All My Children’ twice to make up for missing the next two days!”

—I won’t bring a book next time, but I probably won’t GO next time. Between this and some other stuff not worth mentioning, Mr. Rilch has pretty much decided to just see his dad away from the house. This more or less excludes me, since I don’t play golf, but it leaves me more time at Panera!

God, I’m such a bitch. I would have given her my broadest smile as I crumbled those cookies all over her carpet.

Future tip:
If you drop the url where you’re headed into Google™ and click on the link it brings up, the address box window is unaffected except for the single Google™ entry.

I use the address bar as a quick Favorites list, as well, (fewer steps to get to the eight or ten heaviest use sites), and when I need to type in a new address, particularly one to which I will not be returning, the extra step of going through Googe™ saves having to go back to the Favorites drop-list for my heavy use sites.

Is she of a certain age? I swear this is my MIL you are talking about–except that she is has never been on the internet. There’s always something with her…

In the first year of our marriage (no kids), we went to MIL’s house for Christmas dinner. Every year, since I was 16, I have made these one Christmas cookies–roll out the dough, bake and decorate. They are labor intensive, but an labor of love–and I usually give them away as gifts to friends, and now teachers etc. Anyway, I took an entire tin of them over to her house, since I knew she was having lots of company. It taken me a whole day to make just her batch.

I handed her the tin with my good wishes for a joyous Noel; she handed me the tin back, with the words, “you must know that I baked all day for this.”

I took the cookies back and never made her another fucking thing, ever. Now she asks me to make her a coffee cake or whatever and I just smile.


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Get mozilla firefox. Right under the normal address bar and control panel, it allows you to place links to your most used sites. It even eliminates the need to a list at all. It’s all right there for you with little icons all in a neat little row.


There is no need to do this. I use my drop down far more than my favourites. They are all stored in your registry under TypedUrls. If they get messed up go to regedit and delete the duds. The only tricks are you have to make sure the numbers are consecutive and don’t be on the net when you do it.

It’s not a Firefox thing, as Internet Explorer does this as well. Not that I recommend IE, mind you – I just want to fight the ignorance.

She didn’t brake it. She done gone and used it up. You see the internet is full. There ain’t no more space for new stuff, and they have to delete some sites, when people want to browse new sites.