OOOOOHHHHH LOOKATDATBOOTY! or men and hollywood.

I’m tired of seeing talented, driven, respected artists dally with trophies. I’ve always loved Ben Affleck, but since he started dating J.LO, it’s all gone downhill. He and that no talent booty slingin’ hussy have become the poster people for narcissistic, overindulgent, fat cat, “look at me i have seven cars and more money than i can ever spend, lets BUY ANOTHER GODDAMN CAR” America and everything that’s wrong with it. Pant Pant. He has TALENT dammit. He is SUBSTENCE! He said things with his preformances that made me angry, made me happy, and put me in tears. J.LO has put me in tears for completely diffrent reasons. Maid in Manhatten, Angel Eyes, Enough, and other examples of cinematic diarrea. BUT OOOOOOOOOHHHHH LOOKATDATBOOTY!!!
And now Owen Wilson, my dear sweet lovable uncorrupted Owen. Creator of Cinematic masterpieces such as Bottle Rocket and otherwise funniest man alive is dating Karolina, a BURLESQUE DANCER AT FORTY DEUCE!!! What
is this???


pant pant pant pant i hate hollywood and i hate money and i hate ego. It USED to be my dream to be an actress. Then I looked in the mirror and realized that not only am I not beautiful to THEM, But that my lack of beauty will qualify me for very few roles. Why does the beautiful art of acting always have to be mixed up in this cesspool of greed and superficialism? Why do I have to watch it corrupt wonderful talents that I have come to know and love until they are unrecognizable and untouchable? Why do i have to watch this ego and money kill their work until i just don’t care anymore? Why doesn’t the impossible beauty standard apply to men? I HATE HOLLYWOOD!! I LOVE ACTING!!! CAN I GET AN AMEN???

The comma is your friend.

What’s the difference between Hollywood and pimpin’?

In Hollywood, you have less of a chance to use the phrase ‘upside yo’ head’.

ahhhhh, i only used it 16 times. admittidly, 15 were in the first paragraph alone.

giggle never realized I wrote like that. I guess i just like my writing to flow as opposed to all the stops and starts of a period.

oh well whatdyagonnado?


Hang on. Booty slingin’ is a bad thing, now?

Ben Affleck is talented? Huh? When did that happen?

Female booty is good. Ugh. grunt.

I agree. When did Ben Affleck sprout talent? Up until now, all I’ve seen is good looks and decent diction.

And booty is a good thing. Booty provides women who might otherwise have no marketable talents a way of making a living in some reasonable manner.

This is not to say that if a woman is blessed with booty alone, that she cannot be an otherwise intelligent human being – Nina Hartley has impressed me more than once with her intelligence and dedication and activism – but for every Nina Hartley, I can point out five or six J-Lo’s…

Actually, the punctuation seemed fine to me. Someone who didn’t appreciate the immediacy of your rant might suggest some more spaces, of course, but I think it works :slight_smile:

OTOH, I’m not sure being seduced by looks is a flaw restricted to hollywood people.

You’re mad at Owen Wilson because he’s dating burlesque dancer? Was he supposed to date the quiet, artsy brunette with glasses, a pony tail and a sad sense of fashion?

Boy, are you ever in the wrong contry!

J-Lo is a trophy wife? Sounds like a booby prize to me.

'Cause that’s the way it is. Get over it.

If you love acting, act. Take the gigs that are available and do your best.

P.S. I thought your rant read very nicely. It communicated your feelings with passion and clarity.

Nice rant to liven up an otherwise sad and sick morning.

I don’t mind a fine looking woman, but she’d better be able to carry on a conversation. Which is why I married the one I found. :smiley:

WARNING: If you don’t know who Nina Hartley is, don’t Google her name then click on her home page if you’re at work. Listen to the voice of experience.

:: glares at Wang-Ka ::

But when she takes off the glasses and undoes the ponytail she becomes beautiful.

Hey, torie, what’s up. You gotta represent the upstate with proper capitalization and punctuation, aight? :cool:

:smiley: Sorry, I acknowlege my lack of grammar. I have to get the thoughts out so fast that i stop worrying about the shift button. hip hop moment Yo, dis be torie here repersentin’ de upstate, yo… Throw yo hands up and give yo props to the 864!!! end of hip hop moment
anyway, I’m not really mad at Owen Wilson for dating a burlesque dancer. I just wish there were more men in hollywood who would appreciate women of substance. Mainly because, whether we like it or not, Hollywood has alot of impact on how the general public views certian subjects. As far as Owen Wilson’s personal life, he’s just an actor. A very good one who has provided me many happy moments, but i’ve never MET the guy. So who he dates is really his business. :slight_smile:

It’s okay torie, I belong to a couple of other boards where posting styles are way more casual. And had been posting at those boards for years before joining SDMB.

I remember being very annoyed at having to conform to the “higher standards we hold ourselves to here at SDMB”.

But, I was finally beaten into submission.


Humm. I actually kind of like JLo.

She has a lovely singing voice. Granted, her movies are fluff, but so are Julia Roberts’, and people like her well enough.

Wang-Ka, wang chung, bang a gong.

Sounds like a good ticket to me.

Wank-Ka for president.

Or somebody.

Bennifer is the Devil incarnate and we should kill it, please examine my earlier post on a thread about trends and enough is enough (sorry I can’t find it right now but IT’S around somewhere!).

Ben is now on my shitlist, poor guy… as if he cares though.