Oops! I spilled the beans...

Found this on AOL here

According to University of Liverpool researcher John Manning, the size of your ring fingers and genitals are directly related to how much testosterone you received in the womb; the higher the testosterone level, the longer they are. In fact, looking at the length of ring fingers in comparison to index fingers will give an idea of the size of a man’s penis. If the ring fingers are longer, it means that there were healthy testosterone levels; if they are the same size or smaller, it means that there were lowered levels.

And you thought we were looking at your ring finger to see if you were married.

Hmm. According to my ring fingers, I have a nice big penis.

According to my chromosomes, I have boobs and a vulva.

I’m so confused…:smiley:

Does this mean John Holmes had a 8" long ring finger too? (I can’t say as I’ve ever noticed.)

Better remove that wart on my ring finger then!

So what’s it mean if on my left hand, my ring finger is clearly longer than my index finger, but on my right hand, they are equal?

Actually, deja vu…wasn’t there a study a few years back about sexuality and the relative size of your ring and index fingers? If the ring is bigger than your index, you’re likely to be heterosexual. Vice versa and you’re like to be homosexual? I remember this, because I swear I wrote a similar post as above, and the response was something like “On the one hand, you’re straight, on the other…”

No wonder the girls think I’m such a great FRIEND.

The OP is a perfect example of screen name = post.

Tom Tucker: Also, scientists announced today that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer.

(Diane holds up her hand to her face, Tom Tucker slams her hand into her face)

Tom Tucker: Ha ha! Got you! Ohh, that’s not even really news